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It seems like every day Steve Harvey graces the stage as the host of Family Feud, people find new ways the answer the questions as poorly as possible.
Today, a lady name Shelia made history, as she provided the longest run of poor answers on a single question in show history.
The question was simple: “What’s another way people say ‘mother’?” And this woman named Sheila… Could. Not. Get. It.
I mean she literally kept blowing it. She even tried the same answer (which was marked as wrong RIGHT BEFORE HER) with a different tone... as if that was going to fool Steve or people who conducted the survey in advance.
For all of the craziness Steve Harvey has seen over the years, even he was at a loss for words, telling the audience, “This sh*t can’t be happening.”
This went on for 7 mins. Jesus grab the wheel. Thankfully, after her 9th attempt Steve just called off the dogs and moved on.
Apparently Mexican Americans aren't the only ones that love their Nana's and their Nono's and their Nina's and their Nino's........ Nano Nano Nina Nono!
Lol Poor Steve. This was funny as heck tho. I wonder what the other family was thinkin.
I can't even... *facepalm* That's just hilarious and awful, at the same time!
they know they should not have brought her along
@YumiMiyazaki I can only guess. Now I wish I had seen the entire thing.
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