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I Cant Take It

Summary: Being Kai’s secret can be hard, but worse when he is seen with another girl

Members: Kai x Reader

Type: Angst/ Sad

Length: 883 Words

Read from POV of Kai here
You were his little secret. You were the name he whispered under his breath when people asked if he loved anyone. You were the one he came home to see. But you were the one who he couldn’t take out. He couldn’t bring you to his events or to the movies or out to dinner. You were locked away in your apartment; watching his promotional events from your computer or rarely getting to sit front row in his concerts. But wasn’t that the worst. Watching your boyfriend sending love out to all the girls who surrounded you in the seats at the concerts. But that is what you should have expected. This is what happens when you agree to be a secret girlfriend. But was it okay to accept this? Was it okay to let this kind of this slide? Kai came home and found you on the floor with tears filling your eyes and your laptop sitting open between your legs. He hurried over to you, worried you were hurt, when he noticed what your laptop was open to. You heard him let out a sigh. “I can explain that article.” He started to say. You pulled yourself up to a sitting position and looked up at him. “So you are dating her now?” You asked as you pointed to the article. It was all about Kai and his new relationship with a new debuted idol. She was pretty. You couldn’t blame him for going out with her so much, but it was painful. “Of course I’m not dating her! She is just a friend.” He explained in an annoyed voice. He threw his dance bag on the couch and started walking away. You felt your heart tighten as the pain grew even more. You quietly watched as he entered the kitchen and started rummaging through the left over take-out from your ‘date’ last night. You looked at the article again and your eyes locked on the picture of Kai and the girl walking out of a restaurant together; standing a little too close for your own comfort.No, you weren’t going to let this slide. You weren’t going to bite your tongue any longer. “Kai, this isn’t cool. How would you feel if the roles were switched and you had to see articles of me with other boys?” You asked as you stood up. You entered the kitchen and stared at him from across the table. He looked up at you with cold eyes as he stuffed another piece of meat in his mouth. “I would be mature and understand that sometimes the tabloids just like to cause drama.” He emphasized the word ‘mature,’ which angered you even more. You had never rose your voice at Kai before, but his nonchalant attitude pissed you off. “Fuck you, Kai!” You yelled at him as you slammed your hand down on the counter. You wanted to wince at the sudden pain, but you refused to show him any sort of weakness. “(Y/N), don’t be like that. You knew coming into this relationship that it would be hard. Don’t start blaming me.” He placed the now empty container in the sink and turned his back to you. Your hands balled into fists and you slowly moved around the table so you were standing a few inches away from his back.“You can’t do this to me, Kai. I have been nothing but fair and loving to you, but you constantly blow me off. We were supposed to have a movie marathon tonight, but you were out with that girl instead.” You said in a clearly hurt voice. You placed your hand on his back, giving it one more shot in hopes that he would understand why you were hurt. You felt his body tense beneath you and he shrugged your hand off. “Maybe it’s because I like hanging out with her better. She doesn’t get as mad as you always do.” He said in a harsh voice as he continued to face away from you. Your whole body felt as though it would give way. You could almost hear your heart shatter as tears filled your eyes. You opened your mouth to speak again, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t muster up any words. You took a step away from him and placed your hand on the necklace that Kai had given you for your fifth month anniversary. He remained facing away from you and you knew it was over. You couldn’t keep doing this. You couldn’t handle any more of this pain. You unclasped the necklace and placed it on the kitchen table. Without saying another word, you left the room. You slammed the door to your bedroom and collapsed on your bed. You knew Kai would be smart enough to leave in silence, and perhaps that would be best. You knew if he came in here you would be unable to stay mad at him, but you needed to. You needed to give up on this relationship. He was clearly done with you. Maybe this is how it had to be. You couldn’t be his secret any longer and you couldn’t be public because of his career. But like Kai always said, if it was meant to be, then it would be…
Alright everyone here is part 1!! There's also parts from his point of view, like Baekhyun's story- Why Are You So Familiar. So comment and tell me if you would want me to post them also.

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