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Summary: Not your typical flower shop AU

Member: Chanyeol X Reader (Babydoll)

Type: Action, Angst, Fluff

Length: 1,921 words

“Do you like flowers?” It was the same dream you had visualized a while ago, but this time, things were much clearer and it felt much more real. You were smaller and younger, with just a glance down at your palms you could observe the thin fingers and the small nails. You were wearing a grey dress and a yellow rain coat and the idea of it being spring suddenly hit you. It was one of your memories that you happened to forget before the age of 7, and you could tell because things felt so familiar - you couldn’t have simply made this up in your subconscious out of thin air, the scenes felt lived in. You were still surrounded by the colorful and peaceful pots of plants and the magnificent blue sky continued to shine down on you through the green house windows. The air was fresh and slightly damp, and the faint scent of all sorts of plants wafted to your nostrils. Things simply felt right, and then a boy appeared in front of you and you remembered that he asked you whether or not you liked flowers. He was taller than you and his hair was brown along with his energetic looking eyes. His thin frame was decorated with a simple blue sweater and black jeans, and you were almost mesmerized by his appearance because you recognized him at once. You apologized for not initially responding and you shyly nodded your head before a toothy grin tugged at his lips. He slowly held up a handful of seeds and gave it to you, this time becoming slightly shy.It was the first time you met Chanyeol.- You wished that you hadn’t awoken from that dream, it was better than the reality you were living in. Ever since Kyungsoo revealed your past to you, things had been rocky and depressing. You learned that your entire life was a lie, your parents were murdered, you had your memory wiped clean, a chip was implanted into your muscle, and you were adopted by the boss of a mafia - and here you were believing that your life was boring and uneventful. The worst part was that you threw away something that was so important to you, you tossed Chanyeol aside and left him for dead and now there was nothing you could do about it. He used to live in an orphanage near your house, and because your family shared a green house with the building’s inhabitants, you often met up with him in there. You two became best friends, and now that you had finally found him again, he slipped through your fingers and he was gone. Possibly forever. It was the middle of the night, and you found yourself unable to fall back asleep in the cot. It was dark in the room, however because everything was mostly white, you were able to make out shapes in the shadows and find the path to the door. Kyungsoo had always politely insisted that if you ever needed anything, you should simply go to his room and ask him. You had also met Lay, the medical supervisor, a couple of times due to the fact it was his job to help your wounds heal. He was very sweet and caring and you were comforted by his personality and nature, and like Kyungsoo he had instructed you to find him whenever you needed anything, no matter the time or occasion. After tossing and turning a few times, you wondered whether or not a warm glass of milk could help you and that resulted in the covers to be pulled back and the heels of your bare feet to meet with the cold tile of the floor. You slowly crossed the dark room and made it over to the door, slowly walking out and turning in the direction of their rooms. You honestly hoped that they were somehow still awake at this hour, although you heavily doubted it you didn’t want to disturb them from their sleep when they barely got enough of it. As you were tiptoeing down the corridor, you heard voices to your left, and because the door was slightly ajar, you were granted a small peek of what was inside. You instantly spotted that all the members of EXO were assembled around a table, and you froze because you didn’t know what to do. Should you interrupt the meeting or hobble back to bed? You were about to head back when Chanyeol’s name came up and you realized that you needed to stay. You crouched against the wall next to the door and listened intently, realizing that they were attempting to formulate a plan to save the happy virus that was left behind. Your brows were furrowed as they argued different strategies and Kyungsoo’s calm voice had to soothe their increasing frustrations and tempers, reminding them of logic and plot holes. You could tell that they were all rather tired and frustrated, but what came next caused your heart to skip a beat. “Why don’t we use the girl?” You recognized the voice of Chen, however you even more surprised to find the laughter and the disagreements following his suggestion. What came next stabbed at your heart and you decided that it was time to go back to bed, you were too tired to deal with them anymore. You always knew that Kris was cold and rather bold, but you didn’t appreciate what he had to say about you. “Are you kidding me? She’s a woman, do you honestly think she could save Chanyeol? He calls her Babydoll for a reason, she’s too delicate - she’s cracking right now in that room and she’s been through nothing.”- That morning you asked Kyungsoo if he would take you to the greenhouse.Yes, it was a stretch because it wasn’t entirely safe and you knew that you would both have to sneak out because Suho would worry too much and he wouldn’t allow it. However, the thing was you needed something stable in your life, and the greenhouse seemed constant and it reminded you of the feeling of being home. You wanted some fresh air away from all the EXO boys, they had all been very nice to you, but you didn’t need to see them right now. The whole mafia business was the last thing you wanted ony our mind, and you decided to ask Luhan if he could help you and Kyungsoo get out without any questions. Luhan smiled and promised that he understood, and soon enough, you and Kyungsoo were in his car and driving to your childhood estate. The entire time your gaze was fixed on the world outside the window, and Kyungsoo retained light conversation, but he didn’t force you to speak. The car was parked on the edge of the woods, and the rest of the journey was done on foot. Kyungsoo was armed and his vision was alert as he observed the surroundings, making sure to be extremely cautious when approaching the small house concealed by the forest. There was a likely chance that no one was near the flower shed, but he wasn’t taking any chances. Soon enough, it was safe to cross the yard and he escorted you to the door before going in and investigating. It took about 15 minutes, but he finished a clean sweep and told you that he would be outside so that you could have your privacy inside the only place you actually felt comfortable calling home. He stood by the door and continued to watch the area, and you entered and felt your heart collapse at the rush of memories that flooded in your mind.(Start listening to this song!) You could see you and Chanyeol planting flowers and sharing secrets, eating lunch together and playing pretend. Your vision blurred with tears as you recalled that you had awoken only over a week ago in his embrace and had held him close. He still smelled of his rich cologne and his skin was scratched, but warm to the touch and inviting you closer. His face was so peaceful when he was sleeping and not worrying about whether or not you were okay, and you couldn’t help but wonder what his face looked like now. Was it pale and streaked with dirt and blood? Was he lying 6 feet underground? or was it pulled taunt around his skull as he inhaled his last breath of air? You were drawn to a cabinet that you remembered where you and him kept your most valuable objects, and when you opened it, you weren’t surprised to find that there were still items left behind. Familiar toys, drawings, pots, packets of flower seeds, it was all coming back to you. The one thing that caught your eye though was a pile of documents, and it seemed to be about how Chanyeol was hospitalized after he was shot as a child as well as when you were adopted. You picked up a frame, and you froze when you recognized a younger version of not only yourself, but also your father. You were 9 and at your ballet recital, and he was unsmiling and in a black suit. Your entire body locked up as your eyes merely stared holes into the glass frame, observing all aspects of the ancient photograph and wondering what was going through your mind at that time. The idea that Chanyeol was suffering in a hospital when you were learning ballet caused a deep hatred and anger to rise inside of you. It felt like a bubbling bath of fury that was threatening to erupt all around you.“She’s a woman.”“Do you honestly think she could save Chanyeol? ”“She’s too delicate.” You didn’t realize that your fingers were clenching into fists, and everything happened in slow motion as you flung the frame across the green house and watched with satisfaction as it shattered in a heap of glass shards on the ground. Your movements were wild as your fingers grasped onto a box of matches on a stool nearby, and without a second thought you struck a match and watched with gritted teeth as you dropped it right on the photograph. The ink bubbled and blurred and the flames encased the image of you as a child with a liar. It crumbled into nothing but black fragments, and you slammed your boot on the ashes to finalize the damage done.But your anger didn’t stop there. You were sick and tired of people deciding things for you. You were furious that your “father” dictated your life and decided he was going to play dollhouse, he had absolutely no right to pluck you from your parents and stuff you with fancy computer chips until he could kill you when he didn’t need you anymore. You weren’t an object and you certainly weren’t delicate. You respected Kris as a leader, but he had a storm coming if he believed that you were “cracking” and unable to bounce back after what you had witnessed. It wasn’t fair that Chanyeol had taken 2 bullets for you and you were just lying around, wallowing in self pity and guilt. You loved Chanyeol, but no one was going to tear him from your embrace without expecting you to do something about it. He had taught you to breathe again and realize what life was like outside of grey walls and textbooks, he took your hand and protected you without a second thought. You realized that you had waited in your pristine paradise your entire life for your prince to save you from your boring life, and now that he was in trouble, you had to do something. You decided you were going to prove all of the EXO members and your father wrong, you weren’t going to sit around and twiddle your thumbs like a damsel in distress. It was about time you climbed down from your tower and went to save your prince charming, and whoever tried to get in your way was going to face a feat worse than death.Hold on Chanyeol, I’m on my way.

Credit: exobtsimagination

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