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Kevin Tran was an advanced placement high school student whose life was turned upside down when he became a Prophet. Kevin translated the Leviathan tablet which led to the downfall of Dick Roman, and then uncovered the secrets of closing Hell forever in the Demon tablet before being tasked with reversing Metatron's spell to empty out Heaven. Kevin was smitten by Gadreel, possessing Sam Winchester, on Metatron's instructions. He later returned as a ghost unable to move onto Heaven as a side-effect of Metatron's spell and decided to stay with and protect his mother.
Kevin is a profit of God and is able to translate the stone tablet which had the Word of God written upon it. Kevin is also able to do some spell casting that has to do with banishing demons from the tablet that had the word of God written on it. Along with hanging with the Winchesters he has learned how to do basic hunting skills. He is able to use holy water and other skills that the Winchester's to kill the bad guys!
I was very upset also when Kevin died! If I rank the SPN deaths that hit me hard Kevin would be second. For me it goes, Charlie, Kevin and Bobby. Charlie really hit me hard.
I was in complete shock when Kevin died! I had a "tf is this?!?" moment.
@LAVONYORK I think those are my top 3 as well. probably followed by Gabriel (though I'm still a little in denial; he'll be back eventually), then Joe and Ellen. I want my Kevin back!
I loved kevin.
oh kevin.....
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