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So after fighting with this stupid app for the past two days I was finally able to make this game. This is my first Time doing this so I hope it's okay. Anyway have fun and don't forget to tag me ^_^. ( The stupid gif maker wouldn't let me add words to the pictures sorry =(. )
1. Your best friends.
2. Crushing on you.
3. Your crush.
4. Asks you out.
5. Your date.
6. The one who is always there for you.
7. The one you marry.
So my best friends are June and Jinhwan, While B.i is crushing on me, but I'm in love with June, when he asks me out for I date I think he is playing around so I go out with Jinhwan instead. Yunhyeong has always been there and is like a brother to me. And finally June really confessed and then we got married later in the future. ( These are my results that I did Omg! My phone really loves June!.)
yea there should be more stuff on the @Sammie99522
@PrettieeEmm I have yet too see one so I thought why not lol. @SerenityThao Your welcome!
I got b.I then chanwoo and the rest were b.I until the question about the one who is there for me, I got chanwoo again.
Omg yes an ikon game
thank you for the awesome game