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Please, for the love of God, kill me....

I've had a fangirl crush on this man for the last 14 years of my life, and ever since I got the opportunity of a lifetime, and met him this "little crush" has turned into something that is way too much for me to take! I can't bloody stand it anymore! I hate myself more and more every day because of this stupid....thing! Honestly, I love how he's super passionate about music and its stupidly cute how he's so energetic when it comes to something he wants, from watching his Periscope, how he deals with people talking shit, and everything he's exactly what I want in my partner and I just can't take it! Okay, yeah, I want him so bad its not even funny anymore, but I don't want to want him. Plus my best girl friend is getting on my last good nerve with her "red string of fate" nonsense. I just wanna cry, or scream, or take out my white hot fury on my innocent punching bag. I swear to the god & goddess I'm just done with everything.
Hahaha and did all your wildest dreams come true? @NickySerban
not jealous, I got to see him too, met him.... like 2 weeks ago? 1/23. lol, was that 2 weeks ago? about? idk.... 😂
yeah, I think I fell for him & probably didn't make a very good impression 😛
wow! I actually (and please don't be too jealous) saw him in concert when I was in college. he was pretty good!
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