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Here is an article from daily dot about the origin of SuperWhoLock! With some love and hate for the community creation.
Urban Dictionary has helpfully defined “Superwholock” for us: “A fan-based idea of combining three shows, CW's Supernatural, BBC's Doctor Who, and Sherlock.” Basically, Superwholock is a complexcrossover—a fictional creation that imagines those stories all reside in the same universe, where the characters can interact with each other and go on adventures. In Superwholock’s case, this usually involves saving the world from impending apocalypse, something so serious that it only makes sense to enlist as many superheroes as possible to stop it—in this case, the Doctor and his assistants, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Sam and Dean Winchester. Superwholock may not seem an intuitive choice for a widespread fandom crossover, but it makes sense when you consider their common elements. All three fandoms are hugely popular and highly active on Tumblr; two of them, Doctor Who and Supernatural, deal with fantasy, sci-fi, and folkloric elements, while two, Doctor Who and Sherlock, are BBC shows with a large overlap in production teams. Stephen Moffat has served as head writer for both Doctor Who and Sherlock, and all three shows have passed around supporting actors as well—most notably Mark Sheppard, who plays Crowley onSupernatural but popped up in last seasons Doctor Who.
SuperWhoLock has been a recurring popular fandom since then, but the recent wrap-up of the latest Doctor Who series combined with the return of Supernaturalfor its eighth season has intensified the love in recent weeks. The result is an endless stream of creative combinations of the three fictional universes—particularly fanart,fanfiction, and GIF-sets, plus some phenomenal fictional trailers for the fictional verse. Part of the appeal of Superwholock is not only the crossover element, but the element of mix-and-match. Wholockians is an active LiveJournal community, while the fuckyeahsuperwholock Tumblr has links to each iteration of the phenomenon: Wholock, Superwho, and Superlock. (And sometimesThe Avengers step in and help, too.) Not all members of the three fandoms are happy about Superwholock’s popularity. “I'm close to giving up Tumblr because it's everyfuckingwhere,” complained a fan on popular confessional journal fandom_secrets in May, in response to aconfession about the trend that garnered a long debate about the merits of crossovers in general. “I want to just enjoy my ONE fandom without having those other two smashed onto it.” But the creativity and ongoing popularity of this fandom meme seems to have its roots in the elements that made these shows popular to begin with. As Supernatural’s creator Eric Kripke points out, modern urban legends are “every bit as fleshed out as any world mythologies.” _ Daily Dot
It's amazing! I check out Tumblr and seen how the SuperWhoLock community takes the cake and they do absolutely have a gif for everything. I think the idea of SuperWhoLock is awesome. You like all three shows and bam! It's put together place.

How do you feel about the SuperWhoLock community creation?

I actually like the idea of the fandoms. ^^
I think it also helped that Sherlock has a REALLY long hiatus in between seasons. So those fans need something to do, and DW and SPN lined up really well in terms of timing. Plus there's so many episodes of both that new fans could binge and catch up and still have plenty of time before the nxt season of Sherlock