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My UB: Kim Kibum (KEY)

My first bias was Key from SHINee, I mean I loved all the members of SJ but I hadn't settled with a bias from that group. I think I was just over whelmed at first with so many members in that group, I felt like how could I love just one. But when I started listening to SHINee more I would look at all of them and then my eyes would fall on Key. Before I knew it my eyes looked for Key first he was the first one I wanted to see and the last one I wanted to see.
Physical features I'm attracted to eyes, lips and butt. His eyes and lips and butt omg. He has the most alluring sexual eyes I love looking at them. And his lips are just perfect for kissing ( I bet he is one hell of a kisser). And his ass, that boy can shake it and I love it
If Key was to play a character of an animal I would pick a black cat or a fox. Mostly due to his eyes, and he can be very sly. He would also make one hell of a sexy vampire. Blocks 6 & 7 are not Key they are Kim Soo Hyun, which in my opinion I think they could be brothers, they look a lot alike. I would love to see them in a drama together where they are long lost brothers.
When I find an actor or artist who grabs my attention I want to find anything I can about them to see why I may like them more or less. When I found out that Key reached out to a fan because of problems and gave that fan hope. That sealed the deal, I mean a lot of artists and actors actresses do it for PR, but when it's genuine to me it's letting me know that they are still human, that they haven't let the fame and money go to their heads and are decent people. I become loyal to that person and support them fully.