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The day had finally come.
It was 4am and I had about two hours before I had to be at the airport.
I’ve been so anxious about being on a plane for almost 14 hours straight that I haven’t been able to relax.
I had already finished packing everything that I needed. I was so bored that I started to take my stuff downstairs to the front door. It took me about three trips to get all my bags down. When I finished I headed to the kitchen to get some water.
I hadn’t realized that it was so quiet in the house. Everyone was still asleep. What was I gonna do now. Well I could just finish what I started. I grabbed my luggage and took it out to my dad’s truck and started loading it into the back.
When I was done I decided to just to watch some TV to pass the time.
I walked back to the front door to find it locked.
*ughhhhh* … “well that’s just freaking fantastic.”
Great now I have to jump the fence and go around back. Of course I would end up locking myself out of my own house.
I jumped the fence and started walking towards the back door.
As I got around back I saw that my dad was sitting on the chair swing the he and I had built together years ago. He was just silently sitting there staring up at the sky crying.....
He hadn’t seen me yet so I just stood there watching my father cry and what was left of my heart from this week completely shattered. Since I found out the news that I made it into the program my dad was so happy for me but slowly as the days passed and we got closer to me leaving he became quieter and the smile disappeared.
Besides byul leaving for school and Leo being born the only other time I had seen my father cry was the day his father died. I have never seen my dad cry as hard as he did that day. I remember byul and I were walking home from school and going up to the house to see that my dad’s truck was in the drive way. Which was unusual. He never got home before 6, we walked into the house to see our dad sitting in his chair crying his eyes out.
Byul and I had never seen him that way.We stood there not knowing what had happened.
.....I ran up to my dad and hug him tightly just like when I was a little. He was surprised at first but then he let go and we both sat there crying together.
I couldn’t tell him sorry.
Because I wasn’t.
I couldn’t tell him I’ll stay.
Because I wouldn’t.
And he knew that.
The only thing I could say was.
I love you.
I love you too....
We sat there just staring at the sky for a while. As tears rolled down my face I agonized about what I should say, how could I say goodbye.
“Promise me something” my dad said as he wiped my tears away.
“I know that in the end your emotions are your own and your actions are to but mijita don’t be mad at her.” He said.
The tears came down harder.
“I know you better than you think. If I can teach you one last thing before you leave is that you need to learn to let go and forgive with your whole heart not just with your words it won’t be easy but I know that you will be able to do the right thing in the end trust yourself. Be proud of yourself and where you come from. Just remember who you are.”
I sat there held in my father’s arms until my eyes stung.
“It’s time to go mijita”
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