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You woke up thinking it was going to be a good day so you changed and went downstairs.You took out the milk and cereal to eat some cereal. you went to the living room and flipped the tv on while you checked your phone and you saw two new messages . you checked them out and they were from JEON Jungkook they guy you bumped into yesterday "hey this is jeon jungkook they guy that bumped into you and dropped coffee on you again im sorry but i was wondering if you wanted to hang out so give me a call if you want to hang out" you called him then he answered quickly "hey! is this jungkook?" "heey yeah this is me is this (y/n)?" "yeah" "so i was wondering if you wanted to go walk around the park with me " he asked shyly "uhh yeah sure what time?" "at noon " " okay ill see you there jungkook"you said as you blushed you went to get ready.you put on your clothes and put your make up and maskara. so you just dexided to put something casual on you wore a dress with flowers on it you were ready so you walked out of your house and hid the extra key (shinee!)you had. You turned your phone on and texted jungkook that you were on your way to the park. "hey im on my way to the park" "okay ill wait for you " you continued to walk until you bumped into someone "uh im sorry " "im sorry i didnt see where i was going " you continued walking but then you stopped. "that voice sounds familiar" you whispered to yourself
you turned around and saw jungkook. you ran to him and said hey "oh hey! i didnt see you i guess youre too short " "hey! im not short! " you said as you pushed him playfully he kept on teasing you while yall walked "oh look! swings! i havent been on those in a long time! " "wanna go play? " you asked him "sure lets go play shortie " you pushed him playfully then started running towards the swings but theyre was just one swing you yall took turns. "alright you push me now jungkook " he started pushing you as he was increasing the pushes he gave you he was laughing at you "hey why are you laughing and not so fast jungkook! " "because your so little and cute in this swing you look like a little girl in it " he stopped pushing you then you got off "im not that short ! your just tall" you said as you were pushing him back slowly . im not that shor-ahh!" both of you fell and tripped over a rock .you landed on top of him. you were looking into his beautiful eyes as he said "wow your beautiful" you blushed and said "and your handsome and cute yourself" you started laughing. you noticed people were staring at yall so yall stood up. you tried helping jungkook but you couldnt then you fell again this time he was on top of you "ya! oppa! stop! theyre staring at us !" he lsughed and helped you get up as he held your hand like a princess " um... im hungry want to go get something to eat?" "sure lets go" yall went to a restaurant where there was beer and wine and stuff. you ordered and talked while you waited for the food "heres your food ma'm "the waiter said " are you too going out? " "no" "no" jungkook interupted you "oh well you are really pretty i would totally fall for you " he waiter said "oh really thank you" you.looked at jungkook and he looked jealous and mad "thank you sir i think thats all we need " jungkook said as he sounded like he was jealous the waiter left "ya oppa why are you like this he just complimented me and you sounded like you were jealous and mad. why?" "well because its true you are beautiful and i dont want other people telling you that your beautiful when its so obvious that you are!" " okay well lets eat then" e said as you stayed quiet he looked at you all quiet. he started eating and you were just looking away in confusion when you see something in your face "hey eat i dont want you to die of hunger your to young and beautiful to die " e said as he fed you
you finished your food and you checked your phone and it was 10:50 "oh my gosh its late and i have work tomorrow " yall left and he walked you home. you were talking to him about where you worked and about yourslef when he was about to start talking to you about him you saw your house down the street "were here " you interrupted him "no i wanna make sure you get inside safely " he said you got to your house you turned around and faced jungkook " thanks for a good time oppa... i had fun " " your welcome but i have something to tell you..." you looked at him with curiosity "i um i-i-i um i l-like you" " i like you too oppa " you said as you hugged him. you were wlking up the stairs then you felt something holding you back . you felt something push you back and make you turn. it was jungkook. "bye shortiee " he kissed you on the cheek "ill see you later " you walked up the stairs and waved goodbye to him.
you walked into your house closed the door behind you and sighed happily you put your purse and keys down went up to your room changed into your pajamas and just threw yourself on your bed you got your phone then you saw it was a text from jungkook it said: "hey shortiee i got home and just want to make sure that your alright" "no yeah im fine " "ok good now go to sleep because you have work tomorrow " "okay goodnight cute oppa " you said as you yawned "goodnight shortiee! sweet dreams!" you put your phone to charge and you fell asleep dreaming about your cute oppa jungkookie
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I liked it :)
I seriously tried swiping on that last picture because I thought there were more pictures but then I realized it was a screenshot I'm so stupid omigawdπŸ˜§πŸ˜’ But this was a cute chapter and I can't wait for more!!!
Ai dios mio my feelings!!!!
it was cute make sure you proof read it