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Jiyong was holding on to the pipe. Then all of a sudden.. the pipe broke. "DADDYY!!!" Jin-ho stretched her hands towards him but she couldn't reached. Then a hand grabbed Jiyong's hand. Jiyong looks up. He couldn't believe what he saw. "Jack??!!.." "If I ain't dying, you ain't either brother" Jack used his last strength and pulls Jiyong up. Jiyong then hugged Jack. "You missed me?" "Hell ya I do. I thought you was gone." "Nah, I just wanted to rest my eyes. I didn't want to cry because of the pain." "You mother fucker" Jiyong slaps the back of his head. Jack laughs but painfully. "Daddy!!" Jin-ho runs towards Jiyong. Jiyong hugs her tight and she starts crying. "Shhh its ok. its over sweetheart." Then Jen-ho came outside with just a blanket on. She looks at Jiyong and Jin-ho hugging together. Then she walks away. Jiyong saw her leaving. He runs towards her and grabs her arm and spin her around. "Where you going?" "please let me go, I can't face you. I look disgusting" "Your not. I'm not letting you go." "I've done enough damages. Please make her happy. She needs her father." "She needs her mother. And I need you" Jen-ho looks down. Jiyong lifts her chin to have her see his face. "I love you Jen-ho, I promise I won't leave my family ever again." "Promise?" "From the bottom of heart and soul. I promise!" Jiyong goes close to her and placed a soft kiss which he has been dying for. Jen-ho let a tear fall down her cheek. "Yoooo, there's a dying person here!!" Jiyong smirks and brakes the kiss. Then he covers Jen-ho. "Let's get out of here"
They arrive at the hospital. Jack was taken to surgery to take the bullets out. Jen-ho went to get checked out. The nurses started to put ointments on her cuts. Then the doctor came inside. "Jen-ho?" "Its me" "So we ran your blood to see if you a have any STD. Everything came back negative. Your clean." "Oh thank God" "But, one thing did came back positive." "What's that doctor?" "You was positive for... Pregnancy." "What!!?? No no.. that can't be. Its not true! NO!!" "We can also do abortion, but it's your decision." Jen-ho heart collapsed. *Abortion? I still can't do that!* She shakes her head and told the nurse to call in Jiyong. The nurse went to Jiyong. "Sir, Ms.Jen-ho will like to talk to your" She saw Jin-ho. "But private" Jiyong looks at Jin-ho. "Sweety, I need you to stay here with the nurse. I got to talk to the doctor. Ok?" "Ok daddy." Jiyong walks towards Jen-ho's room. When he opens the door, he saw her looking at the window. "Jen-ho wants wrong?" "Jiyong .. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" "Sorry for what? Jen-ho, what's going on?" "I'm pregnant Jiyong! I'm pregnant by that bastard!" Jen-ho falls to the floor and cried. Jiyong sat on the bed and brushed his hair back with his hand. *How can this...Fuck!* Jiyong can't believe what's happening. "Please forgive me Jiyong." "Whoa, this is not your fault" "The doctors told me I can do abortion, but.." "Abortion?? Jen-ho do you want to do this?" "I can't, I can't do that" "Ok .. its ok. Let's relax for a bit" Jiyong don't know what to do. *What to do, what to do?* "Jen-ho?" "Hmm.." "What do you want to do" "I can't do abortion Jiyong, regardless this is also a child who carries my blood. I can't kill it. I'm sorry" "Its ok. I will support you. Don't matter what happens, I won't leave you." Jiyong lifts her up from the floor and hugs her. He held her tight. *I wish I can make this better* "Jack, I don't know what to do." "Just be by her side. Its the best thing you can do right now." "I can't believe she has to go through this. I always want to protect her and make her happy." "You will, you got this Jiyong. Now...can I go home." "ya, let's go home."
Three months later... Jiyong and Jin-ho got pink paint. They are both ready to paint Jin-ho's new bedroom. "I want to do this side, and you do that side." "Ok, but remember up and down" "I got it daddy" Jen-ho walked by and she smile as she saw how happy Jin-ho becamed. She goes to the bathroom. Turns on the shower and gets in. As she wash off her hair, she looks down. She saw blood. "JIYONGG!!!!" Jiyong runs to the bathroom and saw what happened. He quickly takes her to the hospital. As he waits in the waiting room, the doctor comes out and walks towards Jiyong. "Mr. Kwon." "Yes that's me, is she ok?" "I'm sorry, she lost the baby." The doctor walks away. And Jiyong sat down quickly. Then he goes inside the room. "Jen-ho?" Jiyong saw her sitting in the bed, looking down. He walks towards her and kneels down in front of her. "Baby, its ok." "My baby..." She starts to cry. Jiyong hugs her "I got you." As months past by, Jen-ho has been doing better. She opened her ice cream shop again, and made it bigger. Her business started to get better. Jin-ho becamed the top student in get school. She even started playing the piano. Jin-ho became happy. Jiyong became more successful with his fathers company. The fashion show became a huge success. He is happy of having a family. He then decided to complete his life. >Your free tonight? >Are you taking me out on a date? >Dude? Seriously? >Ya, I'm actually hungry. >Fine, be ready in 10 min. >Yes bae. >Punk Jiyong and Jack walks into a restaurant. They order some food. "Look." Jiyong pulls out a ring box and opens it. "Ohhh Jiyong, yes. yes I will marry you." Jiyomg puts his head down and started craking up. "Looks good man. She will love it!" "Thanks man, took me a while to find the right ring." "She will go crazy and then she will fuck the shit out of you" "Dude, we in public. Shut up!" Jiyong smirks. *This guy will be the death of me* "What?? I'm just saying. " Jiyong shakes his head. He grabs the ring and looks at it. He can't believe that he will be doing this, especially with his high school sweetheart.
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YAY uncle Jack is alive!!! I told you he was just passed out from pain. I can't believe she was pregnant from that dick husband is it bad that I'm glad she had a miscarriage. I can't wait until the proposal. they can have another baby and Jiyong can watch that one grow up.
Uncle Jack is back from.the dead to save the day!#!you sneak making me thing bae was dead. I totally live the bromance of him and Jiyong. omg the suspense is killing me. We know she will say yes
YAAAASSSS!! I literally screamed and almost fainted when Jiyong looked up and saw that Jack had grabbed his hand.!!! Haha loved it! This my favorite chapter by far. Haha I love their bromance @BBXGD 😮😮😍😍🎉😁
Love it👌😍
Aaaaawwwwwwww love this one!!!
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