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Kim Hyun Joong ranked No.1
A Korean program announced the 10 top most handsome men
and Kim hyun Joong ranked No 1.
Korean Handsome man standing result to be published
Jang Keun Suk and kim Hyun Joong summit insurance exam.
Original title : South Korea Kim Hyun Joong handsome man
topped the list standing popular king.
A Korean program announced in South Korea before the 10 Most Handsome men list inculding Kim Hyun Joong, Won Bin, Hyun Bin, Kang Dong Won, Yoo, High maintenance, SJS, Nepakes Kun,
Song Joong Ki, Zheng Yucheng.
Surprisingly, The Popular King Jang Keun Suk Ranked only 29.
[출처] Kim Hyun Joong ranked No.1|작성자 하야르
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Was this a recent thing? I was under the impression that he is not too popular in Korea right now as a result of all the scandal.
2 years ago·Reply
He is an excellent singer, very good actor, he is very smart man, for all the lies the media says, this case changed many, we inform us more.
2 years ago·Reply
Hi all, I do understand the frustrations that all of you have. Please look at him in another aspect. Kim Hyun Joong is not a God and he cannot be 100% perfect. He is just like us, we do make mistakes. He has sacrifice a lots as a celebrity, eg. his freedom, as fans will follow wherever he goes....... if you would like to understand him better, please watch the YouTube. I understand him better now and I believe that he is a 'simple' man. what make me say that? If I were him, I will not send those messages as these will cause a downfall of the popularity that have built over the years. I hope that we need to be fair to him and not to listen to one sided story from Ms Choi. FYI, he is not my idol as I can't have any idol due to my religious. I love to listen to his songs and watch his shows that he acted. If you are a fan of him, please continuous to trust and support him. and if you are not, please try to be fair to him and not listen to the scandal. Thanks.
2 years ago·Reply
respect your opinion, I'm not God, if you are religious, as he says, not only must hear one side, if we continue to write your story, if you do not like what I feel, the truth will always come out, this page is kim hyun joong.
2 years ago·Reply
I do understand he isn't god, he isn't perfect, is human being, he isn't bad person, he is good person.
2 years ago·Reply