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Chapter 5
The members of SHINee where anxiously waiting for a phone call on Key's condition. It's been a few weeks now they knew he was in a medical induced coma and hoped he would recover. They were waiting at the hotel room when the call came. Onew answered the phone.
"Hello, yes yes of course we will be there right away." All the members look at Onew waiting for news. "We need to go to see Key, he's awake" everyone let out a breath of relief at least they know he's okay. Next question is will he be able to perform in the future. The boys get to the hospital and run to Key's room. They quietly open the door and Key turns his head in their direction and gives them a smile. The boys rush in and lean on Key giving him hugs and telling him they loved him and missed him.
"Okay guys let me breathe." The boys pull away and sit down in chairs next to Key. "I must be the luckiest man alive right now to have great brother's like you." Everyone laughed. "We're just glad your okay, you had us scared to death for the longest time." Jonghyun said.
"How long have I been out?" Key asks. "It's been about a month and a half." Taemin said. Key's eyes grew big. He was shocked. "Oh Key no one knows your in the hospital, they know about the accident but we said we were taking some time off to heal. Onew stated,
"Not even Y/N knows. I bet she's worried to death about you." Key just looks at Onew. " Who's Y/N?" Key asks confused. Everyone looks at each other and gives a light laugh. "Your kidding right? She's your girlfriend." Minho said. But all Key could do was look confused. Minho pulls out Key's wallet from his bag and shows him a picture of Y/N. " Now do you remember, your best friends but you also want to date her. You where going to make it official when we got back from this schedule." Key takes the wallet and looks at the picture, he tried but he couldn't remember her. Which made him uncomfortable because what else was he forgetting? He knew he was a part of SHINee but that's pretty much it.
"Rest now, you have time to recover so let's just focus on that okay." Onew said, the boys gave Key a hug and left. Key laid his head back and sighed. He picked up the picture again and looked at it. "Why can't I remember you, we must have cared for each other a great deal." He thought, and closed his eyes.
"Hey, hey Y/N, wait for me." Tae shouted at you, you just laughed and ran faster. It felt good to be outside and running through your favorite park. It was a beautiful fall day not too cold not too hot. You've been hanging out with Tae every chance you got. You were lucky to spend this day with him.
"Dang girl, you can run, how can you not be out of breath." Tae said between breathes. You just shrugged your shoulders. "Maybe because I've been running since junior high. I was on my school's track team." You smile at him and Tae just giggles and nods his head.
You walk over to your favorite bench it sits by your favorite tree and over looks a pond. Tae sits next you, grateful that you decided to take break. You lay our head on his lap with your eyes closed. Tae just looks down at you wondering if you could feel his staring. "This is my favorite place to come to think, it's my special place your the second person who I've shared this with Tae." You smile, and Tae couldn't hold back anymore he leaned down and kissed your lips. His lips were smooth, soft, and warm.
You open your eyes and easily push him up and you sit up. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that without your permission. I've just liked you for a long time and I've wanted to kiss you for a long time so I took this opportunity to do so."
You just nod your head, "It's okay Tae. Let's go." You get up to leave and he follows. Tae is cursing himself out in his mind as he walks with you back to your apartment. After reaching your apartment Kristie and Jackson are there waiting for you.
"Hey Y/N, whats up, did you have a good run?" Kristie asks. You nod your head and invite everyone into the apartment. Your in the kitchen grabbing some water for Tae and yourself, when you hear the news.
"SHINee, making a comeback!!! After their horrible car accident six months ago, they made a statement " Hello we are SHINee, we are happy to announce that we will be coming back with a new album and concert in Seoul." Your eyes grow huge when you see Key standing next to Minho.
"I thought, I thought he was dead!!!" You drop the water bottles as everyone looks at you and tears running down your cheeks. You look at Tae, Kristie, and Jackson. Kristie walks over to you and holds you whispering in your ear. "We never found out all the information, we just assumed, you didn't leave your room for a month and you didn't want the TV on." Kristie is rubbing your back, Jackson comes over and hugs the both of you.
"He's alive Y/N, that's the important thing. Lets get in contact with him okay." You nod your head and start laughing because your in shock by the news. Tae is just sitting on the couch going back and forth between looking at the TV and you.
"Hey, lets get some Suju and celebrate the good news!" Jackson said with a wide smile and eyebrow raise making you and Kristie laugh. You both nod in agreement and you look over to Tae, but saw that the couch was empty.
"Where's Tae?" You break from Jackson and Kristie's embrace and go to the door. You see Tae putting on his shoes and about to leave. "Hey, where ya going?" You ask Tae, he turns around and gives you a smile.
"I just got a text from Jin, I need to get back we have a show to do and practice tonight." You see his eyes and know he's lying, but you just nod your head. You understand why he is leaving although you don't like it. You wanted him to stay and celebrate with you.