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Chapter 6
Tae puts his helmet on and ride back to his dorm. Just what he needed for Key to show up like a shining star. Tae had fallen in love with you and wanted to ask you to date, but was waiting for the right time to ask you. This complicates things, how was he supposed to compete with Key, he was your first love after all. He also knew that you were still in love with him and that's why he was waiting.
"Hey Tae, did you have a good time with Y/N?" Jimin asks. Tae just walks past him going to his room. Tae grabs his clothes and takes a hot shower. Letting the heat absorb into his body relaxing his muscles, he was thinking of a plan to keep you by his side. Tae wasn't going to give you up without a fight.
The next morning you call Onew. "Hey Onew, it's Y/N you guys are back, where's Key can I talk to him or see him today?, I know your busy and all but if there's a chance I would love to see him." Onew just clears his throat.
"Hey Y/N, whoa, that's a lot to say in one shot." Onew giggles and you follow.
"Yeah, sorry I've been so concerned with Key and everything I need answers and Onew I must see him please can it happen?" Key nods his head to Onew signaling him that it's okay for him to see you.
"Yeah sure, you need to come by the venue, we are rehearsing for the concert this weekend." You smile at your phone making sure not to squeal in happiness that you get to see Kibum. After you hang up with Onew your smiling at Kristie and Jackson. "We know, hurry up and get dressed we will take you." You rush to your bathroom take a quick hot shower, get dressed. Making sure you grab the toy kitten and note with you.
"Let's go!" Kristie, Jackson and you leave your house and head to the venue to meet Key. You were so nervous that your legs were shaking. Kristie had to place her hand on them to stop it. She had to get you to have a conversation to get you to calm down. Before you know it your at the venue. You get out of the car before Kristie and Jackson have the chance to catch you, your running towards the entrance.
Onew was waiting out front as to let you inside. "Hey Y/N, over here." Onew waves to get your attention and you wave back with a smile on your face. Once you reach him you give him a hug. "It's so good to know your okay, I was so scared after hearing the news of the accident." Onew just nods his head. "Follow me." Onew turns around, taking your hand he leads you to the rooms where Key is waiting.
Key is pacing back and forth, rubbing his hands together trying to calm himself. He's never been this nervous that he could remember. Key still didn't remember you but he was hoping by seeing you for real that it would trigger something in him and his memories of you would come back. The other members of SHINee just watch him closely. "Hey Key it's going to be alright." Jonghyun says to him as he pats his back.
"I still don't remember her Jonghyun what if I never do, she'll be hurt." Jonghyun just lets out a sigh and then there was a knock on the door. Jonghyun and Key look at each other and Taemin opens the door. Key takes a deep breath and exhales as the door opens and he see's your face.
Onew walks in with you following him, Key can't take his eyes off yours. You smile but bend your head down. Your knees are weak, you haven't seen him in half a year and he still has this effect on you. You wouldn't believe he was hurt from an accident by the way he looked.
"Hello Kibum, I'm glad your home." You walk over to him and give him a hug. You wrap your arms around his waste and he wraps his arms around your shoulders holding you close, smelling your scent. "Vanilla." He thought. Key looks at his members and they are smiling and nodding their heads. Kibum's eyes begin to tear up. You pull away from the embrace and look at him, you touch his face with your hands making sure he's real.
"Thank you Kibum, thank you for coming back to me." You smile at Key and he smiles back with a laugh. "Oh before I forget here." You hand him a bag with the kitten toy and note. Key walks over to the table and opens it. He see's the note and take it out. Reading it to himself, he's not sure about it. Then he picks up the kitten toy.
"I love black cats, and I always referred to you as a cat, push it's right paw." Key does as instructed and hears the song and message he left for you before leaving six months ago. He couldn't deny that it was his voice and his handwriting on the note. He was going to give this a shot, maybe spending time with you would wake up his memory, but he didn't want you to find out about his memory loss.
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