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How I felt when Shonen jump announce a new Naruto manga
Not cool guys!!!! Don't play with my favorite anime/manga feels like that!!
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@Rajayuu Thanks for the info, but seriously what more could they do without repeating what they have done. seems a bit much.
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@Shiskra Slice of Life?
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@simplynick Can't really see that, even in spin offs they usually stuck to a common theme, and look what they did with gaiden which involved the same time of issue. If anything it's just to keep the series going for profit alone instead of letting it go. Kinda like the damn filler the anime is going through now.
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@Shiskra well not entirely... There's a ton of people who want see new series following boruto... hence they see it as a chance to make money off it.. win/win for fans and the company. Naruto as a series is done..So you wouldn't have to worry about that. It's following a whole new cast.. so you can't even consider it a filler.. I'm assuming naruto and the others would just be supporting characters...
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