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So @AimeeH made an awesome challenge. and I was tagged by a bunch of people so yeah.... here goes....
Top 15 Bias' (not in any particular order) 1. Woohyun (Infinite) 2. Jungkook (BTS) 3. GDragong (BigBang) 4. Ren (Nu'est) 5. Minwoo (Boyfriend) 6. Mark (Got7) 7. D.O (EXO) 8. Leo (Vixx) 9. Himchan (BAP) 10. Kikwang (Beast) 11. Chanyeol (EXO) 12. Rocky (ASTRO) 13. Wonwoo (Seventeen) 14. Jeonghan (Seventeen) 15. J-Hope (BTS)
1. 4&14: Who would you be ore apt to marry? Oh My Goodness Why????? Ren or Jeonghan? Wae!!!!! Ren Wins.....
2. 1&5: Who would you rather sing/rap with? Woohyun or Minwoo????? @AimeeH i love you but right now i kinda hate you! I have to pick Woohyun.
3. 6&13: Which would you rather introduce to your family? Mark or Wonwoo! hmmmmm. My family would love Mark!
4. 2&8: Who would be your Best Friend? Jungkook or Leo... I dont think i could be just friends with Kookie....... So Leo gets to be the BFF!
5. 3&15: Who would you want to kiss more? GDragon or Jhope? GD for the win!
6. 7&12: Who would you rather nurse back to health? I would rather them not be sick? D.O or Rocky? D.O most definitely!
7. 9&11: Who is the better singer/rapper? ummmm. well one is a singer and one is a rapper... So I guess i pick Chanyeol.....? yeah sure.... lets go with that....
8. 10&3: Who would get aling with tour friends more? GD for sure....
9. 8&15: who would you rather date? Leo or Jhope? Leo for the win!
10. 1&7: who would you cook for? i would be more worried about cooking for Woohyun because i am a bad cook.... and he is a great cook.... idk about D.O.... So Kyungsoo wins!
11. 4&12: Who would make you laugh the most. Ren Hands Down!
12. 3&13: Who has the most contageous smile? GD!!!!
13. 5&10: who would make the better father? Minwoo has already been a daddy so he knows the field lol. Minwoo wins!
14. 6&9: who would you rather be stuck on an island with? hmmmm..... Probably mark.... he knows martial arts. he could protect me from the predators....
@AimeeH you just about killed me unni
Thank you Sweetheart for participating and I love you too! XD
@SharayahTodd XD I'M sorry! XD