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Late. Once again πŸ˜” sorry everyone! As always these are my weekly songs in random order!
1. Bang X2 by B.A.P I really love this song. In my other SOTW, I talked about liking Avenged Sevenfold and this song gave me a bit of that feel. I love rock songs and I love their voices when it comes to this song!
2. Hello by SHINee This song is such an easy going song. Even though it is very poppy, I can't help but liking this song. Honestly one of my favorite SHINee songs!
3. War of Hormone by BTS Honestly, I love these boys. I love this song! The rough sound of their voices and the high notes being hit, honestly amazing! One of my favorite songs by BTS.
4. She is Crying / She Cried by Gavy NJ I recently heard this song and I loved it. I love when people hit power notes but what really makes me love groups and songs is when real emotion is put into a song. That is exactly what happens here!
5. Talk to me, Dance with me by Hot Hot Heat I love this song since I was little. My older sister played it and I liked the weird feel it gives. It mixes many genres together. It is more of a pop rock than anything but I really recommend it to someone who wants to power walk somewhere at a decent pace.
Thank you for reading and listening. If you want to be tagged for future ones, please let me know. Also, please let me know if you like these songs.