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SPOILERS ahead if you aren't a manga reader!
Fairytail is FINALLY starting to get darker and more brutal. I'd seriously be happy if I'd only ever read the manga and not watched the anime at all. The only part of the anime that I thoroughly enjoyed was the Grand Magic Games. The manga right now is ridiculous. I'm excited, yet scared to see where the war ends.. Next chapter is called "Red Lighting" so either Natsu gains consciousness and re-joins the battle, or Laxus shows some super cool new power.. What do you think will happen?
thats the only arc i could watch over and over again the grand magic games cant wait till the new chapter comes out
Okay thanks
I have an iPhone and downloaded a manga app that notifies me every time one of my favorites comes out. Before that I used to use mangapanda but I don't think it works very well anymore @esefani36
Where did you read it at