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I remember last year when news about Taecyeon's arm fracture came out. He got sent to the hospital and it was quite serious to the point that he had surgery to insert metal pins. (Metal pins are often used to fix the broken bones together and help them heal) It was said that his arm was injured during a wrestling match between 2PM members, but no name was revealed. Was it simple a match or was there a fight? I remember I was really worried :( But finally the boys revealed that it was Junho who accidentally broke Taecyeon's arms in an arm wrestling match (so no fighting, thank goodness!!). But Junho was only partially at fault. Taecyeon tightened his muscles and the sudden strength was too much for his bones to endure. That is such a relief!!! But I hope they won't do such foolish and dangerous thing again. Arm fracture is quite serious :(((( Back then Taecyeon had to pull out some of the performances of their world tour. But looking at it now it seems to be something to joke about. Boys were making jokes that it happened because Junho was too hot tempered, and Taecyeon said he could hear his bones' breaking like a baseball bat cracking. I can see that they are still very close after this. The bond between 2pm is truly amazing <3