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Though I am not their fan but I really admire Shinhwa!!! They are the perfect example for younger Kpop groups. I really hope all the groups that I like could stay together for 10 years, 20 years and more just like them. I just read this article about Shinhwa's gifting 2PM fans 1,000 lunch sets and want to share with you guys. Seriously, how nice could they be? --- As men of their promises, the Shinhwa members presented 2PM fans with lunches with 2PM’s comeback. Back in September of 2012, Shinhwa and 2PM competed against each other on MBC’s God of Victory, where the defeated group would have to fulfill a promise made by the winner. 2PM asked Shinhwa to gift its fans with 1,000 lunches, while Shinhwa asked that 2PM greet Shinhwa at the airport wearing Shinhwa fanclub’s official orange raincoats and hold up signs. 2PM ended up taking the victory on the show, leaving Shinhwa to fulfill its promise. On May 16, a 2PM fan posted on a personal twitter a picture of a lunch bag with the caption, ‘It’s on Shinhwa. Keke.” On the lunch bag was a pink sticker that read, “We congratulate 2PM hoobaenim’s comeback!! Jun.K/Nichkhun/Taecyeon/Wooyoung/Junho/Chansung. Fighting! From Shinhwa.” Both Shinhwa and 2PM will be making its stage debut on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN on May 16, and it seems Shinhwa thought it was a good time to keep its promise to the fans and 2PM.
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That is so awesome of them and honestly, I'm not surprised. They're my favorite group, with everything they've been through and endured, the heartbreak and tears, and Eric holding them all together through all these years. I love them.:-)