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So like I love the rap side of K-Music so I decided to list some of my favorites as well as the ones that were hits in S.Korea and amongst idols😊


Lucky J- No love This song atm is my fave especially Jessi's voice it's so thick and raspy for a girl😍


Gary- Get Some Air


Gary- JOA


San E Mad Clown- Sour Grapes This song was a hit in K and idols🔥


BTS- Nevermind Of course I've got to put in some of my loves lol 😍


Jay Park- Seattle to Seoul Of course got to add in some daddy park lol


Mad Clown- Fire 🔥


Crucial Star- Pet


Louie Lee HyunWoo- Your Face


San E, Verbal Jint, Bumkey, HanHae, Kanto, Kang Min Hee, Yang Dail, Candle- Heat Up This song is awesome cause all the top rappers of Korea sing together 😍


Dynamic Duo- Baby Don't Go Dynamic Duo is a popular duo amongst idols👌🏼


HanHae- Geunduun


Dynamic Duo- Eat Pray Love


HanHae- Man of The Year


Dynamic Duo- DODORIPYO
Hope you liked these😘 lol ( Had to add this photo it was just to Kawaii lol) 💖