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I just got the results from last week up a few hours ago and now it's already Wednesday again. You know that means it's time for another Scavenger Hunt!


•Every Wednesday I will be posting a new BIGBANG scavenger hunt card.

•Each card will have a list of BIGBANG related items you'll have to search the internet to find.

•Once you've located all the items on the list, make a card with all the required items on it and then tag the Moderator Team on your cards.

•Win bragging rights & prizes.

Bragging Rights:

At the end of each of the first three weeks of the month, the BIGBANG Moderator Team will choose one card at random from the correctly completed entries and crown the creator the winner of that week's scavenger hunt. The winner will have bragging rights as well as their card featured in the BIGBANG community.

That's right, you could win prizes!

Each correctly completed scavenger hunt card will earn you an entry into a Monthly *Prize Drawing.
Some scavenger hunt cards will have **Extra Credit items. Each correctly completed **Extra Credit item will earn you Two (2) entries into the Monthly *Prize Drawing.
All correctly completed scavenger hunt cards will earn you Five (5) entries into the Super Awesome End of the Quarter *Prize Drawing.
*Prizes to be announced
**Extra Credit items do not have to be BIGBANG-related unless specified.


1. Video of the saddest BIGBANG song (in your opinion). Can be from BIGBANG, a sub-unit, solo or collaboration with an artist or group outside of BB. Explain why you think it is the saddest BB-related song.
2. Daesung fan art.
3. Picture, video or gif of your OTP/Who do you ship? Must include one member of BIGANG, but the other member of the pairing does not have to be. So, if you ship SkyDragon above all BIGBANG ships, you're in luck. Tell me why you love this ship the most.
4. Picture or video of G-Dragon with his kitty Mari.
5. Video of either a BB member imitating another idol, or of another idol imitating a member of BB. BB members imitating each other DO NOT count.
6. Picture or gif of TOP wearing contacts.
7. Picture, video or gif of a member of BIGBANG wearing something on their head other than what would traditionally be considered a hat... unless it's a fez. If you find evidence of a BB member wearing a fez, please share it. I NEED THIS.
8. Picture, video or gif of Taeyang cooking.
9. Picture or video of the BIGBANG dorm.
10. Doctor Who references in BIGBANG videos. This will probably be difficult for those of you who are not fans of the BBC show Doctor Who. The internet is a wonderful tool, however, if you cannot figure it out on your own, talk to your Vingle friends. Some of us are fans of both BIGBANG and Doctor Who.
11. Video or gif or Seungri saying more about his members then he should.
12. We all know Monsta X stayed to watch BIGBANG accept the final award of the night at the 2015 MAMA awards, when most other idols had left. BB even thanked them for staying to celebrate with them. I want to see pictures, videos and gifs of our Kings with the boys of Monsta X from that very night.

Guidelines for CORRECTLY submitted Scavenger Hunt Cards:

•The date listed in the title of this card MUST be in the title of YOUR card as well as the words BIGBANG Scavenger Hunt.
ALL scavenger hunt items listed above MUST be on YOUR card (except Extra Credit Items which are optional).
ALL five member of the BIGBANG Community Moderation Team MUST be tagged on YOUR card.
@lovetop (formerly @lovetopia)
•You MUST publish YOUR card to the BIGBANG Community (you can publish to other communities at your discretion).
•You MUST tag at least two people (other than mods) on YOUR card, whom you think might like to play (their participation is not required).
•In order to be entered into this week's contest/drawing we MUST receive your completed card no later than 12:01am PST on Monday of the following week. That gives you five (5) days to complete the Scavenger Hunt.
If you have ANY questions at all, please ask in the comments below.
*Picture, video, clips or gif examples used on THIS card DO NOT count if you use them on YOUR card.

The guys are excited, are you?

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Done Done Done... *crossing my fingers* hopefully ive made it.... a little tricky... but FUNNNN @Helixx
life almost got in the way but I beat it aside, Lol. I'm so excited for this one!!!
whoop whoop
I'm so excited to find all the Doctor Who references! That may be my favorite one!
Yaay I will definitely participate. Life did get in the way this last week!!!