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As I grabbed my backpack and my purse. I took another walk through my room to make sure that I didn’t forget anything. I went over to my bed and grabbed my passport and my puh-gi.
I said a silent goodbye to my room, closed the door behind me and walked downstairs.
I took a walk around the house one last time trying to engrave every little detail, every chip, every scratch, all the little drawing on the walls of Leo room.
As I walked outside I saw Vicky was already here both her parents holding on to her.
As soon as he saw me Leo came running up to me. I picked him up and held onto him for as long as I could. Until my dad said that if we didn’t leave soon we would be late to check in.
Hearing this I held onto Leo tighter and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I told him to never ever forget how much I love him. “Don’t worry Leo I showed mommy how to use the video chat so I can see you when you come home from school okay.”
“Don’t forget about the video chat promise okay?” Leo says
“I promise.” I give him one last kiss on the forehead and put him down.
I walk over to Luna “goodbye Luna” I hugged her and whispered in her ear “take care of my boys please.”
“Don’t worry I will. You take care of yourself you hear me young lady. You stay safe and make sure you sleep enough, you know how sick you get if you don’t get enough sleep.” She said as she looked me straight in the eyes.
I laughed and wiped my tears away and saluted to her “yes ma’am.”
I went over to say goodbye to Vicky’s parents. I told them not to worry that I would take good care of her. They told me to take care and to have some fun while we are there. I hugged them both and went over to the truck. I got in and held onto my dad’s hand as he wiped yet more tears “you’re going to be dehydrated if you keep crying.” I laughed and just laid my head on my dad’s shoulder.
After Vicky said her last goodbye she came and got in the truck. We waved goodbye to our families and I watched as they disappeared from my side view mirror.
I just sat there watching the clouds pass by, it felt like it took us 5 minutes to get to the airport.
We grabbed all our luggage and headed to check into our flight.
We got to the counter and handed over our passports and received our boarding passes.
Checked in all our luggage and headed to the security gate.
When we reached the security gate I realized that this was it.
I started to hyperventilate realizing everyone that I was leaving.....
My dad took me by the shoulders and told me to take a deep breath. “its going to be ok we are all going to be ok you don’t have to freak out alright you deserve this. You have the right to be happy and chase your dreams you hear me. You just have to have the courage to chase them.”
He hugged me and Vicky one last time and told us to go.
We walked up the booth and handed over our passports and boarding passes, when we cleared to walk through I looked back and waved goodbye to my dad.
Heading to the terminal Vicky and I both held hands was we walked together.
We found a place to sit down and waited for the last hour to past, when we were called to board I couldn’t help feeling guilty and excited at the same time. As I sat there in my seat knowing that in 14 hours I would be in a different world I smiled down at my home knowing that It would be a while before I came back.
Looking over at Vicky we smiled at each other happy to start this new chapter.
btw just random info this is my PUH-GI (puh-gee)
he is the unicorn from despicable me.
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