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Macau Tower as Seen on Korean Shows
So I've watched a lot of shows that go to Macau Tower and every time I watch I really want to go!

I've seen it on Running man,

We Got Married Global (when Key and Ari Arisa went for their honeymoon)

& Recently on Monsta X Right Now.

So I just had to look into the prices... **Keep in mind that 1 Macanese Pataca equals 0.12 US Dollar.

There is the...

Skywalk (764 ft high) - $788

Tower Climb (1109 ft high) - $1,888

Sky jump (764 ft high) - $2,288

Bungy Jump (764 ft high) - $3,288

Umm... So now to find the money... Lol
I would be Wonho x850384508608609805698029680926 if I went to this tower. Just ded.
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I would be a Shownu :) I really want to go! @Meeshell
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I had no idea it was so expensive tho, WOW. I hope you can go someday @AnnahiZaragoza! But know that I will be fearing for you whilst crying/being a human puddle in the corner kekeke XD!!!
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