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The power of makeup

So I saw a bunch of beauty gurus on YouTube do this and while I'm not a beauty guru I do like to play with makeup do here we go. I didn't do anything with my hair other than take it out of a braid because that shit can't be tamed.
My lights in my bathroom turn my face super red unless it's up close. Probably doesn't help that the brightness is focused on the darkest part of my hair but oh well. Also I put on the wrong lash on the wrong eye. Damnit..
It looks better completely done but I'm too lazy to do that so here's an older photo.
@gabbycheese23 haha thanks I'm pale as hell though. At least my foundation tans me up a little
nice although your still pretty with out 👌✨✨✨😊
Your natural look is very nice unnie :)
@NasiaWright haha alright then
@MaeLyn 😊👌✨💕 your pretty ok end of discussion Haha just know that I think your pretty and I'm sure others would find you pretty too and if they don't it's because they're blinded by stupidity.