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Pocket is the best app that ever happened to me! With this app, I dont need an internet connection to read the things that i have saved from the internet. Better than that, and the very thing that makes Pocket the best app for me is that I can even relax and let the app read to me anything that i have saved and, yes, i can even do that without an internet connection also. That's great for me because otherwise, my data gets too low and then there isn't much i can do on my phone, including listen to an app read to me. But that's all over now! I am so addicted to Pocket and it is perfect for my situation. Besides, I like to learn what is going on in the world but i don't like all that. reading. It feels too much like work and i get tired of it quickly, which is another great reason to use the listening option. If that wasn't enough, I can also follow others, save and share what they are sharing to Pocket or to any social network that i use. The only way this app could be more fun for me than it is now is if some of my friends were following me there. Right now, I dont have any and so im reaching out to my vingle friends to come and join me there. I would love to see what you are sharing from the internet and hope you would enjoy what im sharing too. If you are not already using pocket, you have to download it at least once and see for yourself. Here is the link to follow to go to my Pocket profile. Please follow. I'll follow back! Follow the stories I'm recommending on Pocket!
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I love love love pocket. I keep and send everything there!!!! so easy to use!
@2Distracted. you can follow me if you want. so far, i have no followers.
@MelissaMae Definitely ill follow you. thanks
@2Distracted. thank you. 馃槂
@2Distracted. ill follow back.