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Dear Kim Kardashian, I know you really miss dressing up sexily and you can't help it sometimes, but it's just a few weeks left, please be patient. This sheer dress is just........................ Sincerely, Shoenami
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@blairwitme lol lol yes, she really does give pregnancy a bad name! lol @YinofYang yes, I used to think Pregnant women are so adorbs! but Kim K destroyed all that!
@shoenami It's okay, sis. Just blot it all from your mind.
and you guys @shoenami @YinofYang her bra is showing too! lol Gosh! someone should really be honest with her!
@blairwitme Yeah....I'm surprised no one is. Either that or she doesn't care.
@blairwitme leopard printed bra no less! lol it's not even one of those bandeau bra that is cute to see! @YinofYang Yes people all around