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29 Days of Marvel (10)

Day 10 I'm a proud straight woman and I totally dig all these marvel movies with these incredibly hot guys however sometimes a movie with the main character as a woman is highly appreciated. A woman that you can look up to and call out "You go girl!". I believe Black Widow is that woman. What I really love about this her is that she isn't black and white, she isn't overly manly and she isn't completely womanly. The aura about her screams feminine but there's also something masculine about her that really catches the eye. She doesn't haven't any super powers but she uses other things to her advantage, her skill, her knowledge , as well as her seduction. Black widow is just awesome.
I wanna see the sexy Scarlett in her own solo Black Widow movie for sure. And there are other females who I think deserve the spotlight. Jessica Jones got her own show, so let's hope that opens doors to seeing future solo female movies.
I'd watch that movie xD
Scarlet really brought her to life in my opinion
@peahyr exactly
@buddyesd I agree, if it were anyone else it'd be too different
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