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2PM‘s Taecyeon recently revealed the story behind his first love. On May 15, the 2PM members were guests on “Radio Star” where they talked about the song they would want their first loves to hear. Taecyeon chose Kim Dong Ryul‘s “Finally Now” and said, “The song is about a man who realizes that he could have treated his lover better in the past and is wondering why he is regretting it now. The lyrics came to me.” He continued, “My first love was a girl who is the same age as me from the US. We went to the same school from the sixth grade to high school,” and “Each quarter of the school year, the school would have concerts where boys wear suits and girls wear dresses. It was at that time when we got attracted to each other.” The MCs then asked, “If she was your first love, why did you choose to break up and debut as a singer?” Taecyeon answered, “I had to come to Korea for JYP‘s rookie discovery program. I thought, if I didn’t try going on this path now, I would regret it later. So in the end, we broke up.” Taecyeon revealed that he still keeps in touch with his first love through social media. He added, “It’s not like we broke up while crying over each other. We both let each other go with a smile.”
Awwweeee... that's the same thing I've just recently done. Except im not a star or famous. Schoold and future job is my goals to achieve