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Where Chanyeol is being a cute, worried boyfriend <3 Enjoy the fluffiness lol!!
You hold back a groan when you feel a familiar searing pain shoot up your leg. This has got to be the hundredth time this has happened this week and you stop, setting down your bag and gently touching your ankle only to confirm that it’s definitely twisted.
Thankfully it’s already late and there aren’t that many people on the street so you do your best to limp the rest of the way home.
Once you’re through the front door, you’re greeted with the sound of shouting and gun fire. You figure that can only mean one thing and in a matter of seconds, you hear Chanyeol pause his game and running over to you with a big smile on his face.
“You’re back! How was dance practice short stuff?” He asks, pulling you in a tight hug before you can answer.
“It was ok.” You mumble as he let’s you go and ruffles your hair. You try to take a step forward but end up wincing and reaching toward the wall for support. Automatically concerned, Chanyeol takes you by the hand and asks if you’re alright.
“I’m fine, it’s just I twisted my ankle again...” You admit, weakly laughing in order to calm Chanyeol down, but of course the moment you tell him Chanyeol is already shaking his head.
“That’s not ‘fine’ Y/N, this has been the fourth time this week! You should really go see a doctor.” His face is 100% concern now.
You give him a small smile, but assure him that that won’t be necessary. After all, you can deal with the pain. You’re a tough girl.
Or at least you like to think so because when you try to walk past him, you almost fall due to the agonizing pain throbbing in your ankle.
Chanyeol can tell by your expression that you’re suffering and without thinking twice about it he leans down to effortlessly gather you in his arms. Hitching one arm under your knees and the other around your shoulder, he picks you up and states that he’s taking you to the hospital right now.
“Chanyeol! Put me down!” You cry, swatting his chest in surprise.
Chanyeol doesn’t listen to you of course and instead makes his way back down the hallway, slipping out of his slippers and into his sneakers with you still in his hands.
You’re still actively begging Chanyeol to put you down as he walks down the street. The closest hospital is at least five bus stops away and so Chanyeol flags down a cab with his foot because he refuses to let you go.
The whole ride there, Chanyeol keeps you safe in his lap. You pout at him and mumble that he doesn’t have to go as far as carrying you, but when you arrive at the hospital that’s exactly what he does except this time you sigh and sling your arms around his neck comfortably.
The waiting room is empty save for one guy with a bloody lip who tries to flirt with you using greasy one-liners. Chanyeol waves him off and holds you to his chest in a protective manner that makes you giggle, but still feel secure.
When you’re called into the room, Chanyeol doesn’t let go of your hand as you sit on the gurney, the doctor coming in with a couple of charts and a tired look on his face.
“Are you the husband?” He asks, looking directly at Chanyeol who flushes red and stutters out that no, he’s just the boyfriend.
The doctor shrugs and scribbles something down before coming over and examining your foot. His cold fingers make you shiver and you whine a bit when he presses down on the sore area.
“From what I can tell nothing is broken, but your ankle is twisted. The nurse will give you some ice on the way out and the best thing to do is rest for a day or two.”
Chanyeol thanks the doctor who hurries out as soon as he can. You try to stand up by yourself, but hiss when your weight comes down on your foot. The nurse comes in a few minutes later and tapes the bag of ice to your ankle. Chanyeol picks you up again and she comments about how lucky you are to have such a strong, caring boyfriend.
Chanyeol grins, his long toothy smile makes him look goofy and you roll your eyes. The two of you wait by the parking lot for another taxi to catch home and Chanyeol presses a kiss against your forehead.
“You heard the doctor, you need to rest so no dance practice. I’ll call Baekhyun too and tell him to check the studio in case you sneak out.”
“But Chan-”
“No buts. You don’t know how worried I am about you. What if you break something next time? What if you get injured and then you can never dance again?!”
You think Chanyeol is exaggerating, but the look of sheer terror on his face is enough to make your heart melt. You know he can be such a kid sometimes, but right now he’s really serious and the last thing you want is to see him upset. Finally, you agree and promise him that you’ll take a short hiatus.
Happy with your decision, Chanyeol offers that before you two go home that you stop by 711 and get some ice-cream.
“Are you going to carry me into the store?”
“Of course!”
“But Chanyeol that’s embarrassing!”
Chanyeol laughs, leaning down to kiss you.
“No it’s not, you’re hurt. What would be more embarrassing is if I didn’t carry you like the strong, caring boyfriend I am.”
He exclaims proudly and you’re about to argue, but decide that it’s true he is a strong, caring boyfriend and so much more too.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!! I am taking requests so feel free to leave a suggestion ^.^

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I'm going to see them today!! And this was a great way to start this day, thanks!!
awww that was cute maybe can u do D.O. next lol
gaaaahh I just woke up and made my day ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
can you do a Kai one
Kyaaa so cute I love chanyeol and this so just ugh 😭💕
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