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What's with that ugly floral pants?
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@winterlovesong yup yup and i want yoon si yoon as a new student there it would be awesome .
5 years ago·Reply
@reyam no please!!! if Yoon Shi Yoon is also inside I wouldn't know who to look at xD
5 years ago·Reply
@winterlovesong well if si yoon there and song joong ki and kim hyun joong i would die simply hahahahaha...
5 years ago·Reply
@winterlovesong still yoon si yoon is a student there and if he joins both won bin and lee jong suk as a triangle lol
5 years ago·Reply
@reyam you just made me scream reading your comment T__T omg I can't imagine it. fangirl life is so so hard. lol
5 years ago·Reply