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Hiya Lovelies!! (: So we are on our fourth day in and I have to say thanks to those who participated! I have really liked your cards and responses! Also please if you are just joining us feel free to make the previous cards and tag me! The More the Merrier! X) If you would like to see my original cards check out the {February's Ships & Feels} collection! :)

So without further do... let's begin! (:

Which anime character would you give chocolates to?

Usually there is a day in Japan when girls can give boys chocolates which is a display of affection. And later in the month there is a day for boys to give girls chocolate XD. So if you had a chance to choose...who would it be?

For me, I would give chocolates to Allen Walker! haha If I were to I prolly gotta give him like 5 boxes haha since he eats a lot. I think he deserves them and I know people deserve a thank you and a smile c: And I mean if I ever were to mert him... I would just be weak at the knees prolly hahaha.

@ShinigamiSan he's just so sweet like chocolate so it makes sense
Armin Arlert duh
As always, thanks for the tag 馃槉
Sena!! 馃槏馃槏
Same. Allen Walker. Or 2 Natsume Takashi (Natsume Yuujinchou).
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