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'It's all about the miracles of the world. A one-month-old baby, after being declared dead in east China's Zhejiang province last Thursday, was kept overnight (for over 15 hours) in a morgue at a bone-chilling temperature of -12 degree Celsius. The next day, minutes before being cremated at a funeral home in the Pan'an district of Zhejiang, the baby woke up crying - very much alive and breathing. A local television channel reported the employees at the funeral home were 'preparing for the cremation, when the baby suddenly began to moan'. The baby was then rushed to a hospital and admitted to the neonatal intensive care. This miraculous story, along with the newborn's picture and death certificate, has gone viral. "It's the first time I see such a case, it is a miracle," said Dr Chen, who works at the Pan'an hospital where the baby was born. Born prematurely last month, the baby had spent 23 days in the incubator. After being taken home earlier this month for the Chinese Lunar New Year, the baby's heath deteriorated and was hospitalised again. On February 4, the baby was declared dead at the hospital, with a doctor issuing the death certificate. Before being placed in the morgue, the baby's father wrapped the child in two layers of woolen clothing and a thick sleeping bag, which was perhaps what protected the baby from the cold. However, despite the miraculous revival, doctors are still worried about the baby's chances of survival. Let us all remember this child in our prayers.