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Spending money can take a toll on your wallet.

As much as I love to shop, I have to realize when it's time to put my wallet and pride to the side and keep it moving. That leather jacket you were eyeing might be amazing, but what about that leather jacket you have hanging in your closet? Sometimes when it comes to spending money, we focus on our wants and forget all about our needs.
Saving is a huge factor and as much as we live in a fashion crazed society, you can still be fashionable and well, broke. You're probably wondering how in the world that can be possible, but trust me -- it is. You've never heard someone say that they're ballin' on a budget. That just means that they know how much money they can spend and they have to 'make it do what it do' with what they have. Still clueless? No worries. Keep scrolling for a few beneficial tips that will help you look stylish while saving your dollars.

Focus On What You Do Have

A lot of us haven't really gone through our closets in years. There are probably so many pieces that still have the tags on them that we don't even know about. Before you consider spending money on new items, make sure you know what you already have first and foremost.

Get Rid Of What You No Longer Want

By donating or getting rid of the pieces you no longer want, you'll have a better eye for what your wardrobe consist of and the staple pieces you need to make it complete.

Create A Specific Wardrobe

Almost like a uniform, choose pieces that you will constantly wear and buy a few pair. Doing this will help you better save your money and only focus on specifics when shopping.

Buy What You Need Not Want

The reason we are broke is because we constantly buy, buy, buy. If we focused more on our needs and less on our wants, we wouldn't have to second guess when it came to spending what is in our pockets because we would have more than enough.

Remember What Is Most Important

Although fashion is literally everything, if you don't have the coins to invest in fashion there will be none. Be wise when spending your money and realize that clothes will always be there. Money needs to be made.

Do you find yourself spending more than you save?

What do you spend most of your money on?
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You're better than me @LAVONYORK! I'm the type to go for what I like. I need to focus more on what I need. I agree though, treating yourself is ALWAYS A MUST!!!
there's absolutely nothing wrong with having expensive taste! I have expensive taste when it comes to makeup, but besides that I just purchase whatever looks good :) @marshalledgar
YES! I've been in the transition of doing the same. definitely agree. a lot of clothes can be overwhelming. If I have a few staple items I'm in love with, I'm good :) @nicolejb
I save more than I spend but then I end up only spending on bills
well at least you save! that's always a plus @primodiva93