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Just saw this tweet from TvN for those curious to know what happens after Queen In Hyun's Man Episode 16 ends... After QIHM ends its run, there will be a 2 episode special on Queen In Hyun's Man before I Need Romance 2 (2012) starts on 30 June 2012.
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Like ! I just hope i can watch that with english subtitle
6 years ago·Reply
yippie yey... i guess the kru behind QIHM knows how many people out here need to be cured from QIHM illness
6 years ago·Reply
i am sad that QIHM is ending thoughhhhh... what are we going to do????
6 years ago·Reply
Taking a deeeeep breath....
6 years ago·Reply
hey everyone by popular demand i'm going to do live recaps for Ep 16 here JOIN ME ON the QIHM journey!!!
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