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This is real, I got it off the manga and decided to post this because sauske never shares his feelings or what he really thinks ... I just got done playing the last naruto video game when I saw they animated these scene within the game and I couldnt help but feel emotional, A true fan of the series that reads this will understand what Im mean ... Thats all .. (:
@InVinsybll Im glad someone agrees, I felt like shedding a tear when I saw this scene animated in the game , They even showed sauske laughing along side naruto .. Im just really happy with the ending is all (:
DUDE! this is a big part of why I loved the way the manga ended with the two of them. the way they open up to each other and the way they still take down to one final fight before they end as brothers is masterful storytelling, as far as I'm concerned.
@IvanDiaz man I can't wait to play and relive it one more time.
I swear u guys are just here to make me cry :)
The game was so good. I finished yesterday.
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