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Sauskes true feelings for Naruto ( Chapter 698 of the manga )
This is real, I got it off the manga and decided to post this because sauske never shares his feelings or what he really thinks ... I just got done playing the last naruto video game when I saw they animated these scene within the game and I couldnt help but feel emotional, A true fan of the series that reads this will understand what Im mean ... Thats all .. (:
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@InVinsybll Im glad someone agrees, I felt like shedding a tear when I saw this scene animated in the game , They even showed sauske laughing along side naruto .. Im just really happy with the ending is all (:
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@IvanDiaz man I can't wait to play and relive it one more time.
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The game was so good. I finished yesterday.
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I swear u guys are just here to make me cry :)
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