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Parts : all found on card one

WARNING : Mature, gang related content

A/N: As chapters get intertwined and tie together be careful not to comment possible plot stuffs! It could take away the surprise >_< But then again don't be afraid to comment! Jeez, double-edged sword here -_-

"What happened after he provoked him?"

"Himchan beat him to a pulp, and when he was knocked out he pulled out a gun and was going to shoot him."

My heart wrenches not only at the idea of Youngjae dying, but of him dying at the hands of my brother.

"He was going to kill him? What stopped him?" While I hope it was a sense of humanity; I have a feeling that's not why.

"Sungmin came in, tackled him and knocked him out. Then while he was bringing Youngjae to an underground doctor, I tied him up and put him in a storage room. Damn, I still remember the moment he realized where he was. He started yelling, it was scary."

"Why was it scary? He was tied up, he couldn't do anything."

"That's not why it was. I guess it was more unsettling, because I'd never heard him angry. It's like I was expecting some sort of wrath to come down on me."

"Oh...so, how hurt was Youngjae?"

"You're focused on that, huh? I see the look on your face. What happened to 'I don't care about him'?" Yongguk says this with a knowing smirk.

"I mean-"

"He was fine; a lot of blood everywhere, but he lucked out with just a concussion."

"That's good, well, not good but. You know what I mean." I went from stunned to tripping up on my words, what the hell.

"Don't worry, I get it. I was worried too when it happened. He's come to feel like my own younger brother since I never had one. He kinda makes his way into people's hearts whether they want him to or not. He'll naturally make even the most unwilling people care about him."

"It would appear so. But if you two are so close, then why does he treat you the way he does?"

Yongguk looks genuinely confused by that statement. "What way?"

"He snaps his fingers at you and orders you around like a trained animal. Doesn't that bother you?"

A sudden realization happens. "Oh! Yeah, that's right! Man, I've gotten so used to it I don't realize it anymore. Well, for one; I prefer things to be simple as far as orders are concerned, it's not like I don't get it, but I prefer to have things cut to the chase."

"Makes sense. Saves time and less misunderstandings."

"Exactly. Two; it's appearances. When his brother died and Himchan was gone, people wanted me to be the leader since I was one of the founders; since the beginning I've always made it clear that I am not a man with leadership qualities. So if they were going to be accepting of Youngjae, then it'd make it easier to process if he could boss me around like that."

"Like, if your willing to take that treatment and believe in him, then he must be worth following and fit for the job as the boss?"

He nods. "If it weren't for that it would have been tough to get him recognized. Everyone would have assumed it was only because his brother had been the leader. But it was hard on him to do that, he felt pretty bad treating me like this. It's become second nature now though so we really don't notice it anymore."

"I could see him not wanting to do that. There's one more thing I'm wondering after hearing how well you know him. Why did you tell me he lacked emotion and nothing bothered him?"

He doesn't quite know how to answer that without sounding weird. "I d-didn't want you to realize he was a nice guy. I wanted you to think he was heartless."


He pauses for a moment. His eyebrows furrow as he concentrates on trying to figure out why he actually did say those things. Suddenly it looks as though he just got hit with reality like a brick to the face.

He's at a loss for words, "I-I just wanted to keep up appearances, ya know? Like everything else. He's gotta look st-strong to everyone."

"But I'm a hostage and no one talks to me but you two, so what does it matter if I think he's a nice man. From the beginning you weren't trying to threaten me anyway."

I can tell he's having a tiny meltdown in his mind trying to wrap his head around what the hell is going on. Is he trying to make an excuse that sounds legitimate even though it's a lie?

He awkwardly shifts in his seat. "I didn't want you getting too at-t-tached. I assumed you'd be leaving quickly and l-like I said earlier, he easily makes his way into p-people's hearts."

What's he so damn nervous about? He's stuttering like crazy. I'll leave it at that then since his eyes look like they're pleading for me to let it go. "Okay, that makes sense and thanks for the concern. Back to the original topic; what was his reason for provoking him so much?"

He breathes a sigh of relief at the change of subject. "He wanted Himchan to break down and leave faster. But when he started beating him, he figured if he got him to beat him really bad that it'd give us an excuse to make him leave. He just didn't think he'd try to kill him."

"Big mistake."


"What happened when you talked to Himchan?"

"That was a real, real bad chain of events."


The two men discuss what they can do to try to talk this out with Himchan.

Sungmin is conflicted. "I want to go in there and beat him within an inch of his life, but that could just make him come back and attack us. As much as it kills me, for the sake of my brother's life I want to try to work this out in as civilized a manner as possible."

"Agreed. That'd be the best course of action. Hopefully he has enough sense in him to be calm about it."


Sungmin addresses the two newer members as he walks up to the storage room where Himchan is. "How'd it go? Anything happen?"

Junhong promptly responds, "No, sir. He's been pretty quiet in there."

"Good, then maybe he'll be in a decent mood to talk this out."

"Yes, sir. Hopefully."

"By the way knock it off with the sir stuff. I appreciate the sentiment, but you don't need to do it."

"Yes, sir. Oh, right. Sorry, sir."

Sungmin shakes his head and smiles slightly. "It'll take time I guess. You can keep it up if you're really so compelled to."

Yongguk looks at the ceiling. "Ready to attempt to ask our oldest comrade to leave? I feel kind of bad, I wish it wasn't like this."

"It is what it is. We can't ignore it and we can't change him. He's poisoning the system we have."

"Still. It's weird. I don't like him, but I don't hate him either. I almost feel bad for what's happened to his mind; especially since we made it worse."

"I'm with you. At one point we were all pretty close, even if he didn't feel that way. But once he laid hands on my brother, he sealed his own fate."


@CrystalGuerra Who knows who she will end up with *said in mystical voice* XD but that's gonna be really hard. But I also don't want this to end so I can't promise anything but we will see ^_^ I think I'll feel an empty void when I finish this and might want to write a different ending just cause ^_^ honestly I never would have thought of that so thank you πŸ˜„
I love this fanfic!!! I'm really curious to what happened to Zelo since it seems he's no part of the gang anymore
@MadAndrea Yayyyy! You are awesome! lol
@CrystalGuerra πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜ΆπŸ˜ΆπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ jeez it's so good to know people like the story!!! It makes me so damn happy!!!! *random happy squeal* for the sake of the readers whom I am very grateful; I will try my best to write an alternate ending where she ends up with the other person
@MadAndrea I will feel a void when it ends. I look forward to reading it each day. I get seriously excited when I see the notification!
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