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UK illustrator and designer Kelly Angood has developed a cultish following from DIY and analog enthusiasts ever since releasing diagrams and a how-to video for creating a camera at home in 2011 (made out of the cereal box). Using 120 film, the camera—based on Hasselblad's iconic shape—could be constructed with a design printed onto card stock. Now Angood is back with a new design that visually mimics classic twin-lens reflex cameras and works by pulling a cardboard tab to expose medium format film. "The Pop-Up Pinhole Project" has been launched on Kickstarter in an effort to put production and availability behind the clever design. Angood's project has already exceeded its goal of £15,000 since launching earlier this month, but it's not too late to secure your own kit for shipment in November 2013. In the meantime, Angood will be making the project available as a downloadable PDF to those who pledge by 10 July 2013. Follow the designer's progress on the project blog and watch the Kickstarter video to learn more. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kellyangood/the-pop-up-pinhole-project
definitely !! me too! I been long want to make a Pinhole camera myself. Maybethis is the time I should do it then
This is a cool project !! Well I could pay 30euros for that though. Not that expensive! But much more fun if i do it by myself:)
yah there is a how to make this camera in Vimeo or Youtube. just search for Kelly Angood and you would find one. I did try to find it few hours ago though :D!
wow, such an old concept but it looks so cool. i wonder if we can make a camera like that by ourselves.