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Oh Sehun / Sehun / Sebooty / the booty Born : April 12, 1994 I hope you all know what I'll be starting off with for this guy.... he beats me by 3 months.... yeah he's oppa..... all the good looking ones are oppa Now prepare yourself before you go on
yep it's the butt.... lol there's a whole fandom base just on this skinny maknae's butt.... yes I do consider myself part of the Sebooty fandom. I mean I'm kinda jealous too... I wish I had a butt like that.....
like seriously I had to stop looking for pictures before I ended with 100 of them of just his butt xD...... I'm not mental I swear..... it's like it has its own hypnotic powers.... @.@
ahem okay now to his smile ^_^
Oh look how cute ^^ And now sekshi
don't lie -.-
Okay that wink was cute but cute is sexy tooo
ugh if he does this I'll die!!!!
and his hair so jealous and his weirdness x.x
there's my Sehun for y'all ^^ I couldn't find his wink from Exo show time ㅠㅠ so I just put a different one instead I'll be doing D.O tomorrow I hope someone told exo to dress light for LA... it's gonna be almost 89 that day and a dry 89 everytime I check it just keeps getting warmer and warmer o.o.... nooo anyway I know I did it early but that's cuz this time I already had a few pictures and looked for more yesterday hope you guys enjoyed and praise the Sebooty @thePinkPrincess @poojas @PassTheSuga @kpopandkimchi @jannah341 @NallelySaavedra @bobthepotato16 @nenegrint14 @jgallegos222 @SilentPianist @Rawr21 @mellyortiz @DesireeChucklez @staceyholley @externallyeli @deefran @CreeTheOtaku @KaeliShearer @baileykayleen @LunaCordero @ElleHolley @UnnieCakesAli @swarrier16 @Cassierchiqua @EmilyPeacock @KarlythePanda66 @sosoaloraine23 @KeziahWright @ashleyemmert @KaeliShearer @H8rt4u @tiffany1922 @justcallmekyki @Sammie99522 @InnocentiaKishi @reyestiny93 @JaiiPanda @PrettieeEmm  @bbyitskatie  @LunaCordero  @ESwee @Cassierchiqua   @Kieuseru @CarolPantoja  @andreaimnida  @gabbylu13  @sosoaloraine23 @AbbyRamey  @QueenLee
the bakery called and they now have cakes for days
You may not bite but you ruin bias lists!
I'm part of the Sebooty fandom too.
@MissyKim 😘 thanks
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