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A story of Love
TOP is at Japan filming and GD is at Korea recording. They've been in a distance for 3 months now. This is there first time being a far from each other. They text and video call everyday. GD smiles every time he sees TOP on his phone. His heart beats faster and his stomach twist. TOP just feels joy to see GD smiling and he loves to hear him laughing. It brightens his day and helps him focus on work.
8 Months passed.... GD is at the studio. He is trying to record but just couldn't concentrate. He checks his phone, but TOP hasn't texted back. *TOP, what are you doing. Please text me* GD put his head down on the table and gave a little puppy face. Then that's when he decided. He runs to the CEO, and asked for the weekend off. The CEO agreed and GD runs to his house. He turns on his computer and purchased a flight ticket to Japan. Then he packs his bag. *I'm coming TOP*
TOP is filming. He is trying so hard to concentrate, but he is having trouble rembering his lines. "What's going on TOP? Why you keep forgetting?" The producer yell "Sorry, but can we get a brake?" "Sure, let take an hour brake." TOP goes to his dressing too and start searching for his phone. He found it and turn it on quickly. He saw a text from GD. GD >hey, hope your doing good. I miss you >What are you doing? >I miss you >I'm coming to you, I got this weekend off. Meet me at the airport at 5pm TOP couldn't believe what he just read. He looks at his watch and its 4:30pm. *He is almost here, I got to go* TOP jump up and down and grabbed his car keys and went rushing towards the airport.
GD grabbed his luggage and he walks towards the exit of the airport. He breaths in and out, trying to collect his nerves. Then he walks out. TOP stands from the exit of the airport. People start coming out, He starts searching. Then he saw him. GD walks out and starts searching for TOP. His hearts starts racing.Then he saw TOP. He smiles big and he startsbwalking towards him. They both smiled big and they hug each other tight. "How much I miss you" "I miss you more"
GD and TOP goes to a hotel. They got all dressed up and went to the bar, which held inside the hotel. They started to play pool. TOP couldn't believe that GD is here. GD's presence is making him feel hot. He goes behind GD and whispers in his ear "I want you..". GD smiles. Then he turns around and grabs TOP back to the hotel room. When they enter GD couldn't hold back. He reaches for TOP's neck. TOP moans when GD's lips touches his skin. His hair pricks up, and his body starts to warm up. Then GD push TOP to a chair and he sat on top of his lap. GD reaches for TOP's lips. TOP starts to become breathless.
Then they end up in bed. TOP did the most hardest thing in his life, and it was to take his clothes off. GD goes on top of him, and starts to kiss every spot of TOP's skin. Then he kiss his lips and looks at TOP's eyes. "Why do you cover this gorgeous body?" "Let's not worry about that!" TOP quickly flipped GD and he goes on top of him. "My turn" TOP smirks. Then he starts kissing GD lips, and down to his neck. GD moans and his body stiffs. TOP didn't stop. He kept on kissing every part of GD's body. Then TOP flips GD face down, and bring his hips up towards him. GD is hot and he wants him. Then TOP goes in. They got sweaty, and they becamed breathless. GD rest on TOP leg. They both shared their bodies and their hearts. The End..
Hell nah!!!! Its never the end. Hope you enjoy the little short story. *hehe*

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"TOP did the hardest thing in his life, and that was to take off his clothes" Best line!
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■□■You and @KDSnKJH have now been entered for the competition ■□■ . . Woah nothing could've prepared me for this short story♡♡ I love it ~(^.^)~ #GTOP
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TOP is finally Topless... thanks to GD... Oo.. I need a cold drink...for this "Hot" day...
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@Helixx 😁😁😁😁 gotta put some facts .
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