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On the heels of wildly popular shows on television like Netflix's "Making of a Murderer" and HBO's "The Jinx," the American public is reaching a boiling point over the level of blatant injustice in this country.
Yesterday I shared with you two cards that you should definitely look at:
Well, if those cards didn't get you pissed, this one definitely will--and you can blame NEW YORK CITY for this one! Are you ready?! (looks over at @2Distracted @peyhr @MajahnNelson @jazziejazz @Danse @humairaa @EasternShell @GingerMJones @ZoilaObregon @heartofgold35 @amobigbang @butterflyblu @inplainsight @GossamoKewen95 @LAVONYORK @mattk95 @jordanhamilton @animechild51@InVinsybll @TiffanyWallace @atmi @DominiqueThomas @JesusWept)
Imprisoned for 22 years, for a slew of crimes that he didn't commit, Alan Newton, who was wrongfully convicted, was finally set free, thanks to The Innocence Project. Newton was finally exonerated, released from prison in 2006--and broke!
So he did what any rational person, who had their innocent life destroyed, would do: He tried to settle for a monetary award of $5 million (or $227,272 for every year incarcerated). New York was hoping Newton would go away with $1 million instead. That's when he decided to let the same court system that failed him 22 years prior, bring him justice.
In a turn of events, it went to trial and the jury awarded him $18 million.
That's when, despite several court orders to PAY UP, New York has instead, said no. The ruling was made in 2010--six years ago. To date, New York not only is in contempt of the court, but will not pay Newton. In their mind, case is closed.


Where is the justice?
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There is no justice in this world, when you let murderers and drug dealers go! People these days have to be their own justice system.
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@heartofgold35 How scary. How true. How sad.
2 years agoReply
True Marshalledgar & I've studied Criminal Justice for years.
2 years agoReply
we use to talk and fight for human right but when it come to this.. I just don't understand
2 years agoReply
everyone, we all know everything is about money and one of the most biggest industry is the penitentiary business! who needs justice when you can make 馃挵? Not fair not right but nothing much we can do about it...really sad =(
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