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{WW} Kurumi tokisaki

From Date-A-Live Kurumi Tokisaki!! If you saw my card last week you could have easily guessed she would be my next Waifu Wednesday! I've aid it before and I'll say it again, I have a weakness for gothic loli chicks!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! How could you not love this girl!! Thanks for check my card out again this week! Feel free to make your own card and tag myself and @hikaymm in it! Hope you all enjoyed it! @straightshooter
She is so, so cute~~
@Straightshooter we've lured another one into the dark side! We welcome you! @InVinsybll Kurumi is Life!
that's an awesome gothic loli dress. you may have convinced me about this whole thing.
haha please @InVinsybll stop. My heart wont be able to take it lol I love a girl who dresses in gothic clothes no matter what race XD That is sexy lol
hahaha well thanks. I used to know a Korean girl who really loved dressing up this way
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