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I love every song that BTS sings and writes. This is a list of songs that I love from them along with how I feel about them.
The 1st song I love from them is I Like It. When I heard it I couldn't help, but sway along with the beat of the song. To this day I still do along with singing with the boys. There is two parts of this song. The fast tempo and the slow tempo. I love both versions and when either one starts to play I stop everything and song along. My favorite part in this song is when JHOPE sings. I cant help it when I close my eyes and just listen to him sing.
The next one is Coffee from their O! R U L8 2? album. With Coffee is it me in away of them confessing to the girl they like and how they feel about her. In away they are describing her like she was coffee. With how sweet and bitter a relationship can be like. That is what I like about this one with how they can us coffee to express how they feel.
Oh how I wish I could spend one day with them. This song is so sweet that it took away to get "one day" down when I was singing along with them. Now when the song pops up on my playlist I can help but pause with what I'm doing and sing along. What I like about this one is that how sweet each of them sing. They take my breath away in this song.
Who doesn't wish they could be BTS Miss Right? I think every ARMY does, I know I do. In this one they are describing their ideal girl. I like this song because as I am a writer I cant help but try and write a story with their ideal girl.
What gets me every time when I listen to Let Me Know from the Dark & Wild album is how deep Taehyung's voice is. Goes for the songs above with his deep voice.
I try and not cry every time I hear this song. I try and listen to I NEED U at least once if not twice a day. I don't know what it is about this one, but this song is number two one my top 25 playlist.
A few weeks ago when I was listening to this song I could not help, but to start writing. Hold Me Tight is written by Taehyung and he did amazing with this song. This song is heart breaking as they try and hold on to the girl they love.
When I heard this song I couldn't help fall for every word along with the beat. When I'm walking around and this song comes up on my playlist I can't help, but smile like a fool while walking to the beat. I also like how Yoongi is so honest in the song with not liking Converse.
Even though this song is short I still love it. What I love the most about this one is the vocal team with how well they sing together. I get goose bumps every time I listen and sing along with them. Though they are better with the singing part then I am.
When this Intro came out I was having issues when my best friend told me that he was seeing someone. At that time I had feelings for him and he did as well. However we both didn't want to cross that line of being more then just friends. Any way I listened to this song on repeat every day. I still listen to it, but I have the playlist on shuffle and not on repeat one song.
I love how Yoongi puts everything that he wants to say into his music. I think what caught me off guard upon hearing this the first time was when he said "I don't give s*** and I don't give a F***" However after listening to it again I understood that he didn't care what others think and that he learns from his mistakes. Plus i like how the rapper line works together even if they all work together toward the end of the song.
Same with I NEED U, RUN is another daily song that is a need to listen to once or twice a day. The part that Namjoon says "Don't tell me bye bye." yeah I write that on my notebook while taking notes. Also what I love about this song that I can almost rap along with Namjoon. Though the part i can do is the beginning of the song. Along with RUN I try not to get emotional when hearing this song.
Trying not to get emotional wit I NEED U and RUN. Yeah well I cry every time I hear this song. I cant help but feel every emotion as they sing Butterfly. I'm try really hard not to right know as it is play I write. The one thing that I do love about this song is that even though there is rap, the boys rap is slow an calm.
I think my favorite song, even though I love every song on here, this one gets me every time. The vocal team gets me to were i cant help but either sing or sway every time they sings. Plus it doesn't help when Namjoon rap and sings at the same time. Taehyung.........I hold my breathe and his part before Hobi starts to rap. Just like I NEED U and RUN this one is a need to listen to once maybe more every day
Even though they are singing about a whale we all know they are talking about a girl that feels lonely and one day her song will reach someone she loves. At least that I what I got from listening to this song over and over.
There you go there is my top BTS songs that I love and listen to daily. I think I listen to BTS more then Beast. Though I try to listen to both groups together one playlist. Comment below and share on what you think along with which song on this list is your favorite. If none of songs on this list is not you favorite feel free to share,