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Okay so I was tagged by @MattK95 It's honestly been forever since I've done a challenge and I can honestly tell you I'm so excited!! We have to use, of course songs about love/heartbreak(?), BUT the catch is NOT TO USE TITLE TRACKS!!! SO LETS HOPE THE SONGS I PICK ARENT TITLE TRACKS (If they are please let me know and I will edit this card and change it :D) @MattK95 & @jiggzy19
Miss Right - BTS Ugh I LOVE THIS SONG It's absolutely perfect
Talk to you - SHINee This song makes me want to dance
Airplane - f(x) Ayooooo
Fortune Cookie - Jonghyun Jonghyun creeping up the bias list in this song
Say U Say Me- VIXX Ravi's voice though
Okay guys hope you enjoyed! and if you're single like a pringle like me we'll celebrate Valentine's with K-pop
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Great job!!! Not a single title track!!! Thanks for participating, and well done choosing such awesome songs ^-^
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@MattK95 Yay! Thank you I tried :D
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Great songs!!
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@Miss148 perfect playlist!!! You did an awesome job!!!
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@JamiMilsap @jiggzy19 Thank y'all!
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