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I'm still at Katsucon so I don't have much time to get on today, but I wanted to take a minute to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU ALLLL~!
I don't have a boyfriend, but that's totally fine because I have all ya'll to keep me company & to chat with, which has honestly been such a big mood booster in the last few months, so thank you!!!

Have a great day, everyone!!

P.S. The valentine is based on Prince of Stride: Alternative.

If you haven't watched it, you should start!!

Tagging some of you; but I love you allllll!!
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Happy Valentine's Day
2 years ago·Reply
i hate valentines day
2 years ago·Reply
eventually you will hopefully like valentine's day @BrittanyBocaneg
2 years ago·Reply
Aww thanks
2 years ago·Reply
@BrittanyBocaneg Well, i hope you had a good day regardless ^^
2 years ago·Reply