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Part 2 Part 3 ~~ intro ~~ I should have said no. ~~ your dorm ~~ You: We don’t even have the same major why do you want me to go? Soo-Wan: Because my sister is sick today or else she would join me. Pretty please I really need your help! You: Okay fine, but I am just going to carry the bags understood? This shouldn’t be happening. The semester is almost over why am I such a nice person? I knew that this would be my downfall, I just knew it! At least I have all night to prepare for dealing with Soo-Wan all day tomorrow. *Sigh* Okay our majors aren’t THAT different I just don’t feel like waking up early. Soo-Wan: WAKE UP, WAKE UP we are going to be late! Y/N please hurry I hate being late! You: ….but don’t we have to get there before they do? Soo-Wan: Yes and we are really cutting it thin especially if we don’t leave now. You: Let me get dressed...ugh I should have done my laundry yesterday is it okay if I wear my VIXX shirt? Soo-Wan: Haha at your own cost. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ~~ Korean countryside ~~ Everytime I think Korea can’t get more beautiful it proves me wrong. This is quite possibly the most beautiful day ever. Oh thank god the photoshoot people have a breakfast table with coffee and everything. Soo-Wan: Hello everybody this is my roommate Y/N and she will be tagging along today. She is majoring in costume design and makeup so she already knows a thing or two. Please treat her well. You: Thank you for having me here. Soo-Wan: They should be here any minute but first you should put on a sweater. You: Why? It is going to be way too hot for it anyway I’ll be fine Soo-Wan. I don’t think--oh my god is that? I have never regretted wearing a shirt more than in that moment, because naturally the ONE day I wear my VIXX shirt is the ONE day I meet them! Soo-Wan: Hey guys sorry about being alittle understaffed today but my roommate will help me out today. VIXX: Nice to meet you---nice shirt. You: Umm...please don’t mention it I beg of you. Soo-Wan: Do you mind getting Leo done? He always takes the longest. You: You know he is my bias that’s why you’re doing this! ~~ 3rd pov ~~ All Soo-Wan does is chuckle as she walks away and nudges you towards the makeup chair in the corner. As you turn around a solid figure is directly behind you. After being in shock for a few moments you look up to realize that it’s Leo just standing there staring at you. You think you see a hint of a smile after he looks at your shirt. You: Hi my name is Y/N let’s make this quick and painless okay? He goes to sit on the chair all while staring. Leo:..... Leo:.….you have a pretty name. * sorry if it is awkward this is the begining so bare with me.* @BBxGD @xsandos17 @kpopisnylife @kpopandkimchi @amullins2007 @MadAndrea @PrincessUnicorn @Halimaosaman @SyumbiUchiha @loftonc16 @shannon15 @ladygdragon @yaya12 @KaeliShearer @merryjayne13 @ChavaBerry @mlreyesmr14 @FalseLove @bambamisbae @ninjamidori @KarolinaTrevino @MomoChamie @meggie68 @Helixx @KendraReeve @PatriciaS @EWillsea @DeyaniraEstrada @BTS282236 @Gaehwa @Jinnyrod3 @megancurrent9 @terenailyn @Kpossible4250 @Elioritz13 @jessicacheung97 @tinathellama @thekreviewer @KaitlynHewitt @GamerKyumin @HayleyYates @CarlaAcosta @AmberFranco @summerblack2 @SarahVanDorn @Emealia @DawnaMason @catchyacrayon @btsgotshinee @edwey66 @DestinaByrd @drummergirl691 @kanatm @Orihemay @JessicaSchnipke @vipgirl5 @LaurenDimalanta @JiyongLeo @SindyHernandez
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