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It's time to come clean Vinglers.

What is the craziest, most bizarre, (maybe illegal) thing you've done... all because your boss made you do it?

My story

I had recently relocated to LA and my boss calls me into her office and hands me a twenty, instructing me to walk down the street to 7-11 and pick up some condoms.
And I'm thinking, is she for real?
Why spend money on condoms at 7-11 when, in the opposite direction, you can grab enough FREE CONDOMS to fill a Halloween pale at the public health department?!
So I looked at her and asked if she had any preferences.
As if it was business as usual, she said, "Text me when you get there. What are my options?"
So, I did what any dutiful employee would do. I went and get her a box of condoms, which has to be the most random request I've ever had from a boss.


is your boss Jennifer Aniston and were you on the set of Horrible Bosses @marshalledgar ?
I worked at a stable in Ireland for a few months (which could explain itself on its own) lol. The owner was an older lady who was into straight gin and Irish Coffee, and her daughter made me drink everything lol needless to say there aren't a lot of things I won't try anymore. If we had free time during the day we would drink and a drink to start off the day was not uncommon... lol sometimes if I managed to get out of going out at night they would barge into my apartment in the middle of the night (they had a key because technically they owned it)... then they'd poor me a glass and fall asleep in my bed... lol it was awesome most of the time. I'll never work for someone so exciting again I'm sure
wait, what?! explain that @maighdlinS
I'm in entertainment, so I'm used to hearing and seeing things you'd normally never seen in most jobs, I was sort of shocked by the request. @inplainsight @krystalstar22
pretty sure that's against most company policies and I would have probably taken it up with HR.... or said no and threatened hr. I've never had a boss ask me something that crazy. I did have a boss that poured alcohol into me whenever but whose going to complain about that?
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