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It's time to come clean Vinglers.

What is the craziest, most bizarre, (maybe illegal) thing you've done... all because your boss made you do it?

My story

I had recently relocated to LA and my boss calls me into her office and hands me a twenty, instructing me to walk down the street to 7-11 and pick up some condoms.
And I'm thinking, is she for real?
Why spend money on condoms at 7-11 when, in the opposite direction, you can grab enough FREE CONDOMS to fill a Halloween pale at the public health department?!
So I looked at her and asked if she had any preferences.
As if it was business as usual, she said, "Text me when you get there. What are my options?"
So, I did what any dutiful employee would do. I went and get her a box of condoms, which has to be the most random request I've ever had from a boss.


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you are soooooo right @tracylynnn I forgot about what buzz feed staff go through!!!! @maighdlinS aha, now it all makes sense. Ireland must have been amazing
Working at a nursing home my charge nurse asked me to check how much urine some patient had during my shift. When I got there all the urine was on the floor, so I cleaned up and told her I couldn't do it and explained her why. She looked at me very serious and said "you are gonna go back, clean it with a towel, squeeze it into the bottle and measure it", and what happened later... I'll continue the story another day lol
wth?! that's worse than my story @CelinaGonzalez yikes
One time I was feeling really sick, but my manager couldn't 'afford to let me go home', so she asked if she could just give me a slightly extended lunch so I could just go to the doctor and come back. Hahahahahaha. I still can't believe that happened. To be fair, I definitely went to my doctor's office knowing they would be like "Um, we're booked?"
@marshalledgar it was my first job man! I looked at her like "are you serious? " and she started laughing. Because I was new there, many of my coworkers made jokes or crazy requests like this nurse.