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If you don't have any other date on lover's day, set a date at your local nail salon. Whether you choose to go alone or with a group of your favorite gals, make the experience one worth remembering. Since it's Valentine's Day, loosen up a bit and step outside of your element. If you're used to your typical solid color manicures, add a bit of color to your life and spice things up a bit more with a design or ten.
Who says you have to be an adolescent to have the nail designs poppin'? Absolutely nobody. If you're feel like treating yourself this Sunday [which you should], keep scrolling to see some nail designs that will make your lover's day worthwhile.

While some of these nail designs are a bit quirky, would you give any of them a try?

Unleash your inner youth.
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it's hard to paint designs on super short nails... guitar makes me clip my nails until I can't see the whites lol
Love that one as well @humairra
No worries! I'm in the same boat, well somewhat. My nail beds aren't the longest. I wish they were @daljiyong
@jordanhamilton hahaha me too
Love the polka dots! I haven't decided how I'm going to do mine yet... I guess I have to decide what I'm wearing! Lol