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This is truly my very first card so bare with me. I've been on the sidelines just reading, enjoying and commenting on others cards. not sure if I'm using this correctly.
I was excited and anticipate different results but I guess my heart wasn't in the cards (Yu-Gi-Oh! reference). Didn't get my bias at all but I like the thought of how the story line worked out. Thank you @PrincessUnicorn for the game.
This is my very first card, so bare with me. I I'm usually on the sidelines just reading, enjoying, and commenting on other peoples cards. Please be nice.
I don't know much about BTS yet so I dk if rooming with J-Hope is a good idea.
that's because he's our Maknae and my baby. I treat him with all the innocent I feel he has off stage. I think I'd spoil him too. lol
Jimin ssi is my shoulder to cry on, my confidence booster, my taste tester, my Google when I need answers. I always go to Jimin. . (Sorry if the order is writing from this point on. I got confused.)
And because Jimin is the one I go to and rely on our relationship was built from it. I can count on him for so much and he makes me feel good or better about myself. Most of the time cuz... . . Results are in.
Jimin pranks and teases me a lot as well, the mean. I know its all out of fun and "love" (love of laughter, not so much me) ;p but I'll team up with the boys and get him back good one day. . . . and the last of the results (which I was hoping would but my bias into the story but didn't) My Ex :::
Jin is my Ex and don't know how I feel about that. Was it before I became a roommate? how did we end. if I knew BTS personalities well enough I'd explain everything in a somewhat story form. Seeing as I can't I hope some one gets inspired by this card and make something up. Not necessarily putting me as the main character. I would just like to read it so please tags me. .
Your favorite K-Pop K-World fandom trainee. Elisha aka ENF2 Today is another day to do better, I'll do better, you do better. 사랑해 ❤
My bias is Rap Monster, NamJoon(ie) Mr. Mischief, Devilish Dimple boy, by the way. ;p